Quoting Quiverfull: Jinger Duggar Stays Put?

Quoting Quiverfull: Jinger Duggar Stays Put? March 23, 2013

From Radar Online – Jinger Duggar Can’t Get Away! Mom Michelle Says She Is NOT Moving To The Big City!

Jinger Duggar had high hopes of getting out of her one horse town, but RadarOnline.com has exclusively learned that she won’t be moving any time soon.

Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s daughter had said that she wants to live in a big city — in fact, any city — but her parents claim that the teenager’s intentions were misunderstood, that she doesn’t REALLY want to live in a big city, and if she did, it would definitely NOT be the Big Apple!

“Jinger didn’t mean she wanted to move to New York City,” her momMichelle explains to RadarOnline.com. “She meant that she wants to live closer to a city. We’re talking right near a city, but not New York City.

“Jinger meant she wanted to live 15 minutes from a Wal-mart. We live so far out of town on 20 acres, but Jinger wants to live closer to town, so she doesn’t have to drive so far to go shopping.”

Her older brother Josh, his wife Anna and their children are moving to Washington, DC for his new job, and Michelle suggests maybe Jinger could spend the summer with them in that city.

“Jinger would love to spend time with her brother and all their children in Washington,” she says — explaining that that’s about as far as she is allowed to go!

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  • Jean

    I love how Jinger isn’t even quoted, its obviously not her call. She isn’t even allowed to speak for herself.

  • Persephone

    We have the word mansplaining. There must be someone here who could come up with the fundagelical equivalent.

  • Lolly

    I say we replace both with ‘assplaining’, because goodness knows women do it too (Michelle, take a bow).

  • Josh in my neck o’ the woods is a horrifying thought!

  • Persephone

    If you see a camera crew, run!

  • Persephone

    If Jinger escapes and tells all, then the Duggar golden goose is cooked.

  • Sheena

    I hope Jinger takes advantage of a trip to Josh and Anna’s for the summer…And then makes a break for it. There has to be some kind of “escaping Quiverfull” underground railroad.

  • Isn’t she old enough to move on her own?

  • madame

    My thoughts exactly, Lucreza.
    Parents who try to control their adult children end up losing them. At her age, I wanted OUT! Thank goodness my parents were wise enough to let go, even if my dad would have liked to keep us all under his roof until we married and all that. I think my mom reminded him that they both hopped onto planes and moved very far away from their families.

  • saraquill

    Adding to that, I hope she finds a job she can support herself on, to make leaving easier. I rather doubt she gets much of the TLC money.

  • Nea

    She’s old enough, but I think her parents have made darn sure that she can’t earn a living on her own.

  • Nea

    Be difficult for her family to deny what she’s saying and what it means if they let her say it for herself.

  • madame

    As I was hanging up my laundry, I kept having thoughts about this story and why the Duggars bother me so much. I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the TV show.
    These parents are relying on their children to provide for them. If they didn’t have a huge brood of perfectly obedient, smiling children, they wouldn’t be living in a mansion with luxuries most families can only dream of. If it weren’t for their kids being willing to play their carefully scripted roles, exposing intimate moments of their lives to millions, they would be one more fairly annonymous big family pulling through somehow.
    The TV show has given them money, a more mainstream look including nice clothes and makeup, exciting trips, a nice house, but it has taken away the little freedom of anonymity. The Duggar kids are discussed on boards. Jinger has a whole message board dedicated to her! I wonder if she just wants to get away from the exposure and flee to a city where she could become just one more face in the crowd.
    These children are being abused on every level. I wonder how many of them want out and are wondering how much longer they have to keep up this exposed lifestyle.

  • RMM

    That is Jessa?

  • Not sure. I googled for Jinger and that was one of the photos that came up.

  • Independent Thinker

    “Jinger meant she wanted to live 15 minutes from a Wal-mart.” Is it just me or when living 15 minutes from Walmart is one of your life goals the bar seems to be a bit low?

  • Sarah

    I’d always counted on Jinger to be the one to do just this.

  • Nea

    It’s very much the TV show. Jim Bob has flat-out prostituted his wife’s fecundity and his children’s privacy in return for personal financial gain — and then had the nerve to say that his lifestyle is self-sufficient!

    He’s made sure that none of the kids can get out, though, by making sure that every last child (especially the girls) have few marketable skills and are notorious/famous mostly for their connection to him. Any kid who makes a break for it is going to be cut off from the family cult AND hounded for interviews/tell-all books, etc.

  • K

    This is sad. Jinger is 19 years old, she doesnt need her mommy to speak for her and has every right to move wherever she wants. She isnt even quoted in this, it really shows how much Michelle thinks of her as a person. To Michelle, her kids are just props in her lifestyle, happy smiling little people who follow after her and have no thoughts of their own, just a tool for her to use to make her lifestyle look so happy and have tons of cute little pictures of millions of obedient identical little children following after her. She doesnt want them to leave because how would people know she has 19 when theyre all living in their own houses and cant always attend their TV appearances and events because they cant get the time off work or have other social events they want to go to. That and it means she doesnt have to do anything around the house or make eye contact with a child under 6 months old when she has her own team of 19 slaves to do anything (What do Michelle and Jimbob actually do anyway? Grandma and Jinger do the laundry, the 4 oldest girls do the majority of the childcare and homeschooling, Jessa does the packing for trips, the older boys mow the lawn, Josiah cleans the bathrooms, they dont do washing up because they use paper plates despite owning a dishwasher).

    They dont want their kids to have dreams, cause that would mean acnowledging that their kids are people.

    I think the picture might be of Jessa

  • RMM
  • Tori

    I’m keeping an eye on them and their bro’s So’s, I am more than willing to offer any one of them free accoms if they ever want to venture (on what will be a limited budget) more than 20 mins away from Wal-Mart. I will let them drink COFFEE, and maybe even *gasp* a glass of wine!

  • I will say I am very curious how Josh and Anna will afford DC accommodations even with Josh’s ‘new job’. Prices out here are insane.

  • texcee

    This suddenly put me in mind of the Dionne Quintuplets and how they were exhibited for the profit of their “keepers” until they were teenagers. As soon as they could legally do it, the five young women ran as fast as they could away from their parents and siblings, the media, and everyone who had exploited them. The three that are still living (I think three are still alive) have led private lives in Montreal within nothing to do with the abusive people of their past. I may be wrong on some of this, so please feel free to Google the facts.

  • madame

    And they claim to protect their children from the world while they thrust them in front of a camera for the world to pick apart. Yeah, right.
    I have no respect whatsoever for Jim Bob and Michelle.

  • I smell a TV show…

  • NW

    Love it! Assplaining. Amazing…

  • Guest

    She’s just going to have