Quoting Quiverfull: Older Single Women?

Quoting Quiverfull: Older Single Women? March 6, 2013

Jonathan Lindvall of Bold Christian Living

Still, Biblically, the parents’ role (and particularly that of a woman’s father) is very significant. I suppose it is theoretically conceivable the Lord would lead a woman to enter a betrothal covenant and marry without her father’s blessing, but I would not recommend assuming that without a direct revelation confirmed by other godly people. Even then, this would seem to me to be scripturally exceptional.

We are not under the law, but one of the major roles of scripture is to instruct us regarding what is normative. We are to be led by the Spirit, but the scripture is intended to help us “incline our hearts” to God’s ways by anticipating (leaning toward) what the Spirit is likely to lead.

With that in mind, in Numbers 30 there is an interesting discussion about the vows of women. A woman’s father, or if she is married, her husband, can overrule any vow she makes, in the day he hears of it. If he disagrees with the vow and renounces it on that day, it is not a valid vow in God’s eyes. However, if he lets that initial day pass after hearing it, he can no longer overrule the vow, and it “shall stand” (Num. 30:4).

The underlying principle is that God intends most women to be protected by the man who is her authority. The next verse (Num. 30:5) confirms, “But if her father overrules her on the day that he hears, then none of her vows nor her agreements by which she has bound herself shall stand; and the LORD will release her, because her father overruled her.” The passage goes on to apply this principle to married women with their husbands.

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  • Wow. What I notice here is how transparent Lindvall is about “protection” being functionally synonymous with infantilization.

  • Betty Crux

    oh yeah, these people dont even attempt to cloak their true meaning.

  • Lucrezaborgia


    Why bother saying the previous phrase if your “but” is going to negate it?

  • Anonymous

    I have read blogs by older single women before (like Sarah Maxwell, daughter of the authors of Managers of their Homes, who is 31 and still single and at home).

    I do feel somewhat sorry for them, as they havent got any options like normal single adult women have-theyre not allowed to date, or get jobs, go to college, leave home, and all their life they have been taught that their goal in life is to be a mother and have loads of children, but are spending their most fertile years at home living the same way they did when they were 15.

    I think that once you become an adult, youre under your own authority and can do whatever you like (as long as it isnt illegal), as youre old enough to know right from wrong and how to look after yourself.

  • Tori

    One phrase. “Good Stewardship”. If it isn’t, it isn’t Biblical.

  • Persephone

    “We’re not under the law. . . .” Doesn’t sound that way to me.

  • Nightshade

    They certainly want to keep us women under law…THEIR law. And they wonder why women who escape their grasp place such a high value on their ‘selfish’ independence!

  • Cherry picking which Old Testament laws to apply and which ones to ignore. Typical.

  • Kimberly

    So if these QF patriarchs follow the OT to the letter, how do they get away with the stoning that is called for as punishment for certain offenses?

  • These quiverful patriarchs would never want to follow OT law to the letter. For example,
    > One OT law say: If a man is accused of raping a woman where nobody would hear her shout for help, it should be assumed her accusation is true (guilty until proven innocent) and he should be stoned.
    >Another OT rule leaves about 12 days a month in which a man cannot get sex from his wife.)

    I am sure I can also find some other laws that they will never want to follow.