Quoting Quiverfull: Battling For Babies?

Quoting Quiverfull: Battling For Babies? April 4, 2013

by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies – April 1, 2013

In all my life I never been so aware of the battle between the forces of darkness and light. It’s hard to believe that even little babies are a target! Yes, sweet innocent beautiful babies, created in the image of God! It seems there are now more “Christians” that are AGAINST babies than FOR babies! How can this be? It is against all natural instinct!

I have just come back from three weeks speaking in Europe and UK and I faced this spirit head on, even inside the walls of the church! I only have to speak or write the words, “Children are a blessing” and there is immediate negative reaction! This reaction does not come from God, so where does it come from?

There are only two kingdoms in this world, the kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. Satan’s kingdom is a kingdom of deception for he is the father of lies (John 8:44). Satan’s kingdom hates life. He comes to “steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10). But, God’s kingdom is a kingdom of truth and life. God is the creator and lover of babies.

And now we face further distortion of God’s creation and truth with the pushing for gay marriage. They even want to fool us with the words, “Marriage Equality”! May God save us. We cringe at the sins of Sodom of Gomorrah and now confront them head on in our western modern western society.

It is time to raise the banner of God’s truth. It is time to speak out, for there may come a time when our mouths will be silenced. We dare not give in to deception, compromise, mediocrity, lukewarmness, and tolerance to sin. We must decide to which kingdom we belong–God’s kingdom of truth and life, or the kingdom of darkness that hates life and seeks to eliminate it in whatever way possible.

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  • I love babies. I believe children are a blessing from God. I’m also a HUGE fan of birth control, because it allows me to choose when I have those babies, if I have them (you can have too much of a good thing) and saves those sweet babies from being born into homes that don’t want them. Birth control, in my opinion, is very, very pro-babies.

    Snark aside, I do not believe that childbearing is a must for Christians. I also do not believe that deciding that parenting in’t for you means you hate babies. Sheesh.

  • saraquill

    Bah. I seriously doubt that the apostles went forth and produced piles of children. If these really early Christians weren’t into massive reproduction, I don’t see why current Christians must.

  • Christians are not “against babies” if they have none of their own, just like retired people are not “against work” or gay couples “against straight couples.”
    I am not against people wearing pastel colors if I choose dark or bright colors, etc.

  • Persephone

    I saw a video one time of Nancy from an Australian show and she definitely brings the crazy. She had six babies, so she has absolutely no clue of the difficulties of the fertile myrtles like me who could easily pop out one a year.

    I was recently updating my genealogy on Ancestry.com and it was heartbreaking. One of my ancestors from the 17th century had three wives. The first wife apparently died in childbirth. The second, from whom I’m descended, had 14 children who lived long enough to be baptized, and she died at age 53. The third he married when he was 69, and she was less than 20. She gave birth just after the marriage to their only child. This is the world Nancy Campbell wants to bring back. This is the world of Quiverfull.

  • The reason there’s a negative reaction to “Children are a blessing” is because that’s not by any means all that Nancy Campbell means by that phrase. What she means is, “You women were designed to be stay-at-home, homeschooling moms who subordinate themselves to their husbands and never use birth control. And if you don’t like it, you’re in rebellion against your God-given, subordinate nature.”

  • Kimberly

    Saraquill’s point is well-taken by me–I don’t see in scripture that God’s people had loads of children. In fact, it seems that the opposite is true, which actually has brought comfort to me through the years of trying to have a child and having “only one” (which was always said in shock by other Christian women when they met me).