Quoting Quiverfull: Calling in the Media on Social Service?

Quoting Quiverfull: Calling in the Media on Social Service? April 18, 2013

by Rebekah Pearl Anast from Homeschooling Pioneers

Actually, the media wasn’t negative. It was a strategic move by my Dad to take the heat off of us. Social Services had gotten wind of our home education, and we were given a court summons. The judge and a few power-hungry and small-minded individuals assured Dad that his children would be taken away from him and put into state care. Dad came home, and within half an hour had three television stations and three newspapers scheduled to do a story on us. They came out to our rather fine home in the Shelby forest and filmed me (eight-year-old Rebekah) playing the piano, my brother Gabriel working in the shop with Dad, and my four-year-old brother Nathan swinging on a rope over the pond. They talked about Dad’s Bachelor of Science education, his artwork (he was a professional landscape painter) and showed clips of our schoolroom with posters and desks all tidy and organized. (Actually, we did most of our school in the yard or the kitchen – but it sure looked good.) They put forward the question, why didn’t the state just test us, and leave us alone if we tested up to state standards? Dad’s strategy more than succeeded. The state let go of us in a panic, and families all over the place started calling us for information about homeschooling. We had started a home education stampede. I was tested at a third-grade level and came out like Shirley Temple in Captain January (she was homeschooled in that film).

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