Quoting Quiverfull: Duggar Sound Guy Reveal?

Quoting Quiverfull: Duggar Sound Guy Reveal? April 2, 2013

Josh Duggar from Yahoo News

“We didn’t know the results,” Josh, 25, told the mag “But we gave them [from the doctor] to the sound guy, Jim, and he planned out this very unique reveal. It caught us off guard in a time and place we least expected.”

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  • Nea

    Wow. I hope Jim Bob is proud of the media monsters he’s created. Here’s his kid, so incredibly intertwined with being followed and recorded like a rat in a laboratory, that he hands personal medical information (his WIFE’S personal medical information, yet!) over to the sound guy without looking at it. Because it’s up to the TV support staff to keep you in the loop about your own family.

    Anybody who supports the Duggar lifestyle as healthy and praiseworthy should think hard about what this moment means… that these kids have been raised to think that it’s totally normal to not just consider the TV crew part of their family, but a part of the family that *is allowed to know more about you than you do.*

    Ugh. That’s not Christian witnessing. That’s not family stewardship. That’s a creepy, creepy reliance on ratings for your very grasp of your own reality. What was the sound guy supposed to do if the doctor was trying to warn them that there was something horribly wrong with the pregnancy? Would that even matter, as long as it was on the Holy TV Show?

  • Constance Reader

    Well put, Nea.

  • texcee

    It would be the next Duggar special, right up there with Michelle’s miscarriage.

  • madame

    Didn’t he propose to her in front of a TV camera? Weren’t the cameras at his wedding, and didn’t they film their very first kiss?
    It’s ridiculous. I wonder how she feels about it.

    A bit off topic. I thought JimBob and Michelle were strong believers in leaving and cleaving. Why is it that Josh and Anna are still in all the Duggar family pictures and still part of the show?

  • Because “leaving and cleaving” only applies to JimBob and Michelle, not their children.

  • saraquill

    Sigh. A show that is allegedly family-friendly, and it’s all about the sex.

  • Rae

    On the other hand, if they consider the TV crew a part of their family, then at least they have some kind of non-fundie influence?

  • Rae

    Also, the “results” they were expecting from the doctor were just for the baby’s sex – I expect the doctor would’ve told them if there was something actually wrong with the pregnancy. I know quite a few people who’ve asked the doctors to give them the “boy or girl” results in a sealed envelope, for various reasons.

  • Nea

    Can any of those kids walk away from the constant attention now? Can Jim Bob bear to have any of the mirrors around him leave and have a little less attention reflecting back on him? The whole family has been turned into camera junkies.

  • Nea

    I used to think so, but is considering someone whose only connection to you is that an outside party pays them to stalk you as “part of the family” is even less healthy than the fundie cult.

  • Christine

    Ah, yes, like all good Christians they are sharing the joys of over-consumption and capitalism!

  • Howl

    I’ve been thinking about this a bit. The Duggar children are people who have always, for every moment of their lives, been surrounded by family and in structured relationships with their siblings. Other than being in the bathroom, these kids have likely never been alone, and I mean that literally. The older children are responsible for taking care of the younger siblings. Kids can never go anywhere without an accountability partner. When you have 18 siblings, privacy is not in short supply, it is nonexistent. For the kids, it is likely the film crew people are just, well, a few more people around and not the huge intrusive deal it would be to the typical small American family.

  • Persephone

    Jim Bob couldn’t bear to lose all that TV money. He’s an extremely well-paid pimp.

  • Persephone

    Anymore, as soon as I hear “Duggar” I get squicked. I’m watching a show tonight that Ron Jeremy is on, and that doesn’t bother me. There’s an honesty to Ron that absolutely does not exist with the Duggars. And I learned that Ron can play Bach on the harmonica, which is awesome.

  • Nea

    No joke. Whoring his children’s childhoods in the name of a happy family.

  • Nea

    Yes, but do those people then hand the envelope directly to someone whose only connection is that a third party *pays* them to follow the parents around? That’s the part that keeps freaking me out. The sound guy is not actually a family friend, he’s someone else’s employee, being treated like a close family friend.

  • Persephone

    It was extremely telling that when they built their giant house, they only built three bedrooms. All the girls are in one room, all the boys in another, and the parents and baby in the third. Definitely designed to ensure that none of the children ever has a moment’s peace to think, let alone ease *ahem* certain tensions.