Quoting Quiverfull: Educational Process Brainwashing?

Quoting Quiverfull: Educational Process Brainwashing? April 28, 2013

By Bob Jones III of Bob Jones University speaking of Christian credentialing for Bob Jones University and home schooling

Accrediting associations will not approve our educational process if it does not include the worship of their gods. All education is brainwashing. We wash with the pure water of God’s Word, and they wash with the polluted waters of the New Age.

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  • thalwen

    In other words, we won’t get accreditation because we don’t meet basic educational standards so lets call it brainwashing so we don’t lose applicants.

  • K

    And that will be how Quiverfull will end. Over time, educational standards will drop so low that their followers will be barely literate and unable to function in the real world. The first generation, who were educated in real schools and chose the religion as adults have homeschooled their children with crappy curriculums and given them a poor education and abused and sheltered them. These children, when they grow up (assuming they dont leave, see a therapist and go to college), will give their children an even worse education as theyre too uneducated to teach and have significant mental health issues, and then their grandchildren will get an even worse education and so on… After a few generations they will not be intelligent enough to figure that penis goes in vagina, and die out.

    Either that or it will be because courtship doesnt work and there are adults staying at home like 12 year olds when theyre nearly 30, and also the limited pool of people who are holy enough for them to let their children court.

  • Andrew

    An interesting excuse for the fact that a degree from Bob Jones University tends to not be worth the paper it’s printed on.


    W H A T.