Quoting Quiverfull: Jews Anti-Christian?

Quoting Quiverfull: Jews Anti-Christian? April 9, 2013

by Coach Dave Daubenmire of Pass The Salt Ministries. He has a weekly radio show and is a frequent guest on Fox News programs along with other television networks such as MSNBC & Court TV (now TruTV)

Sigmund Freud was an atheistic-Jew. He denied the God of the Bible. He and his acolytes, including the pedophile pervert Alfred Kinsey, revolutionized the way our nation deals with abnormal behaviors. [See DVD on Alfred Kinsey]

There is a direct link, for anyone willing to investigate it, to the removal of God from the center of American life, to the works of these atheistic, Christ-hating, Jewish-“researchers.”

I know I run a risk of being called anti-Semitic from all quarters for even mentioning this do-not-touch subject, but the truth is, much of what has destroyed the goodness of America has come from the laboratories of these atheistic-Jews who hate the impact of Christianity in America.

You need look no further than the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ACLU to see the hive of anti-Christian killer-bees at work.

(What do you bet I will soon appear on their list of “hate groups” for merely pointing this out?)

It is imperative that we face the truth that just being born “Jewish” does not make one special…or right. Let’s see…is the ACLU fighting FOR Nativity Scenes on Public Property…or against them? Isn’t it the SPLC that has labeled Christian-identity groups as “terrorists?

It is the ACLU, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and the Southern Poverty Law Center that have used the atheistic courts to scrub Christianity and Christian influence from every corner of public discourse.

The removal of Christian values from our schools can be directly linked to these vermin. Through fear and intimidation they have been successful in driving Christian values from the schools. Atheism is their goal, and lawsuits are their weapons of choice.

Sandy Hook and the other mass shootings in America are evidence that amoral education has produced an amoral America. There is no separation between church and state. They just “rule” that there is. All future court rulings then emanate from this Christ-hating lie.

They have been successful in replacing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the atheism of Sigmund Freud as the official religion of our government.

That is what the lie of the ‘separation between church and state,” foisted upon us by the atheist-influenced court system has given us. (Did you know that the current Supreme Court has no main-stream protestant Christians on it? Currently it consists of 6 Catholics and 3 Jews. 51% of Americans identify as protestant…yet none on the Supreme Court. American Jews are 1.7 of the population and 33% of the Supreme Court) Can we trust the court to secure Christian freedom?

As Joe Friday would say “just the facts ma’am, just the facts.”

That is why the government has flooded Sandy Hook with “non-religious” disciples of the atheistic teachings of Sigmund Freud. Atheism IS the religion of the public schools and Sigmund Freud is the pope. They must block the kids from being poisoned by Jesus’ message.

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  • Cathy W

    One thing that jumped out at me (although there’s so much to work with here) – he mentions that the SPLC put “Christian Identity” on a list of terrorist groups. Given that Christian Identity is a white supremacist movement, a few possibilities come to mind:
    – He doesn’t know that, and is making the same mistake Rush Limbaugh did when he complained about Obama helping African countries handle the Lord’s Resistance Army: “They’re targeting all groups that identify as Christian!”.
    – He knows, but doesn’t care, assuming that his followers don’t know and will react in the intended manner (i.e. believe they’re targeting all groups that identify as Christian)
    – He knows, and is on board with their program – a distinct possibility given the tone of the rest of the rant.

    I wonder which is actually the case?

  • Firstly, no one subscribes to the majority of Frued’s findings anymore. Secondly, my half-Jewish (yes, through his mother’s side) best friend who is a practicing Christian would love to laugh in the face of anyone who told him he hates Christians.
    Thirdly, Jews (ranging all the way from Hasidic to “High Holy Days only” to non-practicing) are just as likely to be the target of hate and intolerance as they are to preach it. Or did somebody get homeschooled and miss what Hitler was doing in the name of Christ?
    Lastly, Atheism is not a religion. It is, by definition, the denial of any religious convictions. So, if you’re going to try to scare “good Christian folk” with the threat of atheism in schools, at least know what you’re threatening.

  • SAO

    He talks about the “removal of Chrisian values” from schools. I wonder what he means by Christian values, since all the schools I’ve ever dealt with emphasize sharing, fairness and non-violence, just I few values off the top of my head. The core values of the very multicultural school my kids go to are: respect self and others, love learning, and contribute to the community. My bet that that is a pretty typical set of values. Which ones are incompatible with Christianity?

  • gimpi

    Cathy W, I noticed that reference to Christian Identity as well. Isn’t that the Idaho group that spawned the guy who shot up a Jewish temple and killed a hispanic postal carrier? I think they have been linked to several other terrorist acts as well, so calling them terrorists seems reasonable to me.
    Gavin, I also know a variety of people of Jewish faith or tradition, as well as Atheists of many flavors. To call them Christian-hating is beyond strange. Of course, so is the rest of his screed.
    SAO, good point about “Christian Values.” Which values are they talking about? Bigotry? Bullying? Cultural dominance? Proselytizing? Since when are those the only values Christians claim?
    Also, to link Sandy Hook to the removal of prayer in schools is beyond nuts. The shooter, I would remind the author of this piece, was home-schooled. Also, incidents of school violence are not, tragically, a modern phenomenon. They just didn’t used to make national news. I believe the worst case was still a anti-tax crusader in Texas in the 1920’s who blew up a school.

  • Cathy W

    Christian Identity isn’t a single group so much as an ideology – but Aryan Nations (and I think the guy who did the things you mentioned was part of AN) was(*) a Christian Identity group.

    (*)I learned just now, actually, that the SPLC put Aryan Nations out of business under that name – they won a lawsuit on behalf of two beating victims who received the main AN compound in Idaho and their intellectual property (i.e. the name Aryan Nations as a trademark) in the settlement. The remains of the group splintered after that.

  • saraquill

    The Bath School Disaster happened in Michigan in 1927. I’ve read about it on occasion, and it remains appalling.

    I would very much like to kick the writer for invoking the tragedy in Sandy Hook to further his petty thoughts and mean spiritedness. He’s no better than the Westboro Baptist Church.