Quoting Quiverfull: Psychiatric Drugs Witchcraft?

Quoting Quiverfull: Psychiatric Drugs Witchcraft? April 8, 2013

by Coach Dave Daubenmire of Pass The Salt Ministries

Do the adults realize that the word pharmacology is derived from the Greek word “pharmakeia” which is translated as “sorcery.” Adam Lanza took “meds.” Millions of mostly-little boys do. Is it possible that pharmacology alters the natural balance of the soul and spirit?

“Come on Coach,” some of you are saying. “There is no proof of any of that religious stuff. We can’t teach that to our children in schools.”

Really? Can you give me proof that Freud’s trinity of “id, ego, and super-ego” really exist? How about ADHD, Bi-Polar disease, and schizophrenia…can you show me proof of those conditions? How about grief, joy, and anger? Are those emotions something that can empirically be proven? There are many things that we cannot see, yet believe. Why is “mental illness” science, but demonic influence not? Why is faith in psycho-therapy “science” and faith in the Bible is not?

Check out the full article for examples of racism in patriarchy. He denigrates the Jewish people.

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  • texcee

    What a stupid, specious argument, so typical of these types of people. I guess I’ve practiced sorcery for about the last 20-25 years because I’ve taken Prozac and Xanax daily to control chemical depression and anxiety disorder. The cause is physiological — my brain does not produce sufficient neurotransmitter chemicals to allow my brain to operate properly and I need these drugs in order to function. If this is witchcraft, then call me Samantha!

  • April

    Yes. Science can prove things such as “Bi-Polar disease, and schizophrenia”. They have very sophisticated ways of imaging the brain and also just checking the levels of the brains chemistry and can show the areas of the brain that are affected and can show the disrupted chemical levels in the brain as well! These are real medial conditions that can be medically proven. This man is an idiot and shows his ignorance!! And that is scary!

  • April
  • Phatchick

    Preach it, Sistah! Those drugs saved my life. Clinical depression is a real medical problem and it took me years to get treated because thanks to cracked-brain fundies, I was frightened of the very things that have helped me the most. Now, the fastest way to watch me twitch is to mention “Christain Counciling”.

  • Nea

    Why is “mental illness” science, but demonic influence not?

    Empirical experimentation, medical trials, blind studies, and peer-reviewed literature explaining the data and methodology behind consistently reproducible results, mostly.

  • K

    Because councelling and medication work and exorcism doesnt?
    Because demons have never been proven to exist, but we can prove that mental illness and emotions do exist due to medical science-we can look at peoples brains and see how it is working
    Because science requires proof and evidence, but pulling random religious words out of your ass doesnt.

  • Rae

    “Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” – Arthur C. Clarke

    If you’ve got no clue about what words like “peer-reviewed” or “statistically significant” or “double-blind” mean, or what neurotransmitters are, or whatever, then yeah, mental illness and demons might all be equally believable to you.

  • saraquill

    Hear, hear! Witchcraft pills give me amazing powers, such as being able to get out of bed every day, and not lose 10% of my body weight.

  • Juniper

    Aw, man, where’s a Like button when you need one? 🙂

  • Sal

    I am infuriated right now, reading this. I take anti-depressants, but I left my pills at home accidentally while travelling on Easter weekend, and I was utterly non-functional. Putting aside the physical symptoms, which are never fun, I was supremely sensitive, easily hurt by innocuous remarks, and I was so terrified of human contact, I couldn’t even come out and talk to my sister-in-law because I knew I would perceive all kinds of unintended slights. When I went to the pharmacy to get an emergency refill on my prescription, being in contact with big crowds of people was extremely stressful for me. I know these effects were intensified by the sudden withdrawal, but it makes me livid to think that people out there are discouraging and disparaging medication that has such a profound positive effect.

  • I hear you. It’s hard if you can’t take them for even a day. I’m on Lexapro and Neurotin for nerve damage caused by years of undiagnosed IBS/Colitis. Whenever I hear some religious person moaning about how taking SSRI drugs is ‘demonic’ or ‘not trusting God’ I feel like whapping them in the head and asking them if they are crazy. For me this medication is a godsend and no one can tell me it’s ‘evil’ or ‘wrong’. Evil is being in extreme stomach pain because your nerves are doing hyperactive things.

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