Saturday News Links: April 6, 2013

Saturday News Links: April 6, 2013 April 6, 2013

Michigan is trying to pass a religious exemption bill that would allow health care providers to withhold care that violates their own personal religious beliefs. Example, any doctor that thinks childrens vaccines are not trusting in God could legally refuse to give recommended vaccines during well baby checks or Guardasil vaccines to pre-teens. Refuse all treatments for AIDS patients, no matter how they acquired the illness and a slew of womens reproductive health issues. From Addicting Information –

From Raw Story a thought-provoking piece on the question of why isn’t abuse of women talked about in the same way as the abuse of kittens. –

Turns out that President Barack Obama has celebrated Seder every year that he’s been in the White House. This year he will again. He explained his reasoning and his deep connection with the story of the Exodus. From Yahoo –

Louisiana’s Governor Bobby Jindal has some very fundamentalist Christian ideas about what should be taught in the state’s public schools. From Politicus –

Tennessee tries to top the crazy ideas of public education in Louisiana by trying to tie student grades to welfare –

It looks like expectant mothers and those interested in midwifery have started to Google dangerous midwife Judy Kay Jones and they are finding not only her criminal record but they are reading the pages here about her husband being a registered sex offender, the long trail of dead babies and her defiance against the court orders against her. – From BabyCenter –

After years of Evangelicals and others insisting that Abstinence Only sex ed works the best to keep teen sexual activity to a minimum there is proof that it drives up the teen STD rate! From Yahoo –

A compelling article from The Atlantic about one young man coming out as gay at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University –


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  • invidosa

    Religious exemption laws make me crazy rage angry. I love in mi, does this mean that since I feel vegetarianism is a religious injunction for me I can refuse to sell it at my grocery store cash register? Look, if you have a problem with doing your job pharmacist or doctor then maybe you should change fields