Quoting Quiverfull: A Loving God Brings Cancer to Show the Condition of the Heart?

Quoting Quiverfull: A Loving God Brings Cancer to Show the Condition of the Heart? May 13, 2013

by Jay Younts from Shepherds Press.

God has chosen to display his faithfulness in the form of cancer in the life of my wife, Ruth. In God’s gracious plan for Ruth, three years ago he brought the most lethal type of brain cancer Into her life – Glioblastoma Multiforme. The Lord has chosen to, at least temporarily, remove her ability to write and edit. Her short-term memory has been impacted. This is striking because she is among the most literate and articulate of biblical thinkers. Her passion remains to bring the power of God’s word to children and youth in a way that challenges them to love God and live for him. She is currently undergoing a period of occupational and physical therapy. When the occupational therapist asked Ruth what her goal was for the therapy, she immediately said, “I want to write.”

Ruth has fully grasped that the skills that she most values have been removed from her,  at least for the moment, by the God that she loves. When she is troubled, she is comforted by knowing that God is actively, faithfully caring for her. Her faith has never wavered. At this point there is no cancer present. However, as you would expect, her body is weak from the treatments and related medications to attack the cancer.  And there is no medical guarantee that the cancer will not return.

I share this with you because Ruth is an example of what it means to be “all in” for God. The cancer is not the reason for her attitude of faith and courage. The cancer has only demonstrated what was the condition of her heart. She has said many times that God’s people are held back for loving him because they love too many things that don’t matter.

Ruth’s life is in God’s hands. We can all clearly see that. The great truth is that all of our lives are equally in God’s hands. Ruth embraces this good and hard reality. I pray that I would also have the courage to embrace this truth for my life. And I pray that each of you would come to see that this is reality for your life as well. May all of us take hold of the life that is truly life.

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  • I feel sick just reading this.

  • AlisonCummins

    Another way of reading this: There is no benefit to regret. Do it now. Don’t take anything for granted. Every day over forty is a gift. (This last I got from a doctor.)
    It has nothing to do with faith, everything to do with living life fully.

  • NeaDods

    So… the “active, faithful” care of this woman’s beloved god endangers her life, strips her of her health and the skills she most prizes, and this is considered “graciousness.”

    And people wonder why I’m an atheist.

  • Saraquill

    I say this passage is grounds for divorce.

  • Baby_Raptor

    This reminds me of all those times that I’d ask questions and get told “God is denying you understanding now so that you’ll earnestly seek him.”

    Why would anyone *want* to be brainwashed like this? I just…No words.

  • persephone

    Pretty much every thought I’ve had after reading involves lots of profanity regarding the pure idiocy of this %*#)$-$(%@kl.