Quoting Quiverfull: Clumsy and Unfeeling?

Quoting Quiverfull: Clumsy and Unfeeling? May 30, 2013

by Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy in “Cloistered Fruit”

To most young brides the husband appears clumsy and unfeeling. But as the wife continues to obey and reverence her young husband, he will grow in appreciation for her soul, and in time learn to care for her emotional and spiritual needs.

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  • persephone

    And if he doesn’t, according to Debi, it’s all the wife’s fault.

  • Saraquill

    What should the husband do to earn reverence? Aside from being fastened to a penis.

  • Debi: “If you give him all power over you, he will become nice.”

    Lord Acton: “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    Between Debi Pearl and Lord Acton, who do you think understand the nature of power best? And who, do you think, will best explain why Jesus made his “the princes of this world exercise authority… it should not be so among you” quote?

  • aim2misbehave

    Have a Y chromosome, I think?

  • Kristen Rosser

    Healthy young men feel profoundly uncomfortable being “obeyed and reverenced.” They understand that they’re not gods.

  • Be married to her.

  • wild little fox

    If he doesn’t know how to be sensitive to his wife she should not have married him in the first place.

  • JetGirl

    Yeah, I got nothing.

  • MamaMay

    * Begin sarcasm* Yes, because good Christian husbands should be psychic and be able to read his wife’s mind… Because that is TOTALLY biblical….*end sarcasm*. In all seriousness, how does she expect a man to know his wifes needs? Or her his?

  • Margaret Marquez

    couldnta said it better myself