Quoting Quiverfull: Polished Arrows?

Quoting Quiverfull: Polished Arrows? May 27, 2013

by Colin Campbell of Meat For Men – Biblical Fatherhood–The Great Need Of The Word Part 4


2) POLISHED ARROWS continued

The nation needs polished arrows, especially in these current times. Arrows of any kind are in short demand because of the affect of contraception, sterilization, and abortion on this western world. And even more so, polished arrows. They are really hard to find. Therefore, we stand ashamed before our enemies.

We have been deceived when we think that a good education is all that is needed to polish up the arrows. Sad to say, our government is a prime example of the falseness of education when it comes to being double tongued (speaking out of both sides of the mouth), bribery, political correctness, honesty, and morality. Much of our nation’s leadership do not look very polished to me. In fact, to be honest, they look the opposite.

Secular education has seriously failed to produce the true type of polished arrows the nation so desperately needs. Moses did not become the mighty polished arrow he was through the education of Egypt, but rather through godly parenting which is mother gave him in his early years. Plus, the years Moses spent in the back side of the desert away from the pride of the education of the Pharaoh of Egypt.

Parents who fear God will realize that it is their God-given duty and privilege to begin polishing their arrows under the tuition of the greatest Educator of all, God Himself.

Be encouraged. Colin

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  • If you see your children as anything but people, they are in trouble.

  • NeaDods

    I have seen the results of “polished arrows” trying to take on the secularly educated with their better, home grown understanding. The shine comes off that polish really quickly….

  • Lyn

    Talk about drawing a long bow for his polished arrows. If you believe the Moses in the bullrushes story he would have had to be a very young baby, merely months old when he was placed in the basket.
    “Moses did not become the mighty polished arrow he was through the education of Egypt, but rather through godly parenting which is mother gave him in his early years.” Really Colin, really ?

  • It’s true that according to the story, Moses was hidden in the river as an infant, /but/ then the pharaoh’s daughter hired his mother as a wet nurse…

  • Lyn

    Sorry I forgot that bit of the story.