Quoting Quiverfull: Woman, It’s STILL Your Fault Maybe?

Quoting Quiverfull: Woman, It’s STILL Your Fault Maybe? May 11, 2013

From yesterday’s Quoting Quiverfull by Nathaniel Darnell  on Persevero News. This is a comment that the writer of the piece Nathaniel Darnell made to a divorced homeschooling momma’s question in the comments.

I am sorry to hear that your husband has divorced you. This is a shame. Even so, however, my statement is still true as I explain below.

Assuming your husband is a Christian, if he were obeying God’s Word, he would not have divorced you. If he is not a Christian, and you married him when you were, then you disobeyed God’s Word in marrying him because Christ commands us not to be unequally yoke with unbelievers. If you married him before becoming a Christian, then you should have a family and a church body to assist you in your time of genuine need. One area they should assist you in is in discipling your children at home.

This could be done by relatives either personally mentoring your children or by fellow Christians helping to serve you so you could have more time to personally instruct your children. If you have older children, they could assist in training the younger.

But whatever the case, your situation has not become an excuse for your children to be trained in a non-Scriptural fashion any more than it is an excuse for you to stop feeding or clothing them.

From what I have gathered about you from visiting you blog, it appears that you are persevering as a homeschool mother despite a trying circumstance, and I commend you for it. Your husband should be called to repentance. If he will not, then other men in your family or congregation should minister to your family in this time of need. Under no circumstances, however, should your training and disciple-making responsibilities over your children be disregarded.

Please persevero!


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  • Madame

    I assume this man is talking about homeschooling here. So this newly single mother is supposed to continue homeschooling her children and somehow provide for them, right? or are the families in her church supposed to provide for their material needs so she can continue homeschooling?
    I just wish they would:
    – stop constantly talking about “disobedience”.
    – Stop referring to homeschooling as some direct mandate from God. It’s not.

  • Baby_Raptor

    And then it’ll be her fault when she winds up on government assistance because either she can’t work at all or she can’t make enough to support all those children, right?

    And it’ll be her fault when one of the kids ends up being a kid, and does something “horrible,” because she caused the divorce, right?


  • Saraquill

    Is this man aware that he’s making his religion look unappealing?

  • What about the possibility that this woman married a man who claimed to be a Christian and was willing to go along and play the part for several years until he decided that it just wasn’t worth it anymore? I’ve known a couple of women who have found themselves in this situation, as well as some women who converted after their marriages and their husbands “converted” right along with them to keep things smooth in the marriage?

    Regardless of the state of the couple’s souls or the reason for the divorce, encouraging a divorced woman with custody of her children to continue to homeschool is flat out wrong. What do people like this Nathaniel happened on the case of, say, Timothy? Did Lois and Eunice just sit around “training and disciple-making” while the local church supported them? This type of non-thinking, platitude-spouting makes my head want to explode.