ROC Pastor Geronimo Aguilar Being Investigated For Sexual Misconduct

ROC Pastor Geronimo Aguilar Being Investigated For Sexual Misconduct May 11, 2013

Remember the Jack Schaap friend who is a pastor and supported Schaap even when Schaap admitted guilt in having a sexual relationship with a minor? Looks like the years of whispered rumors have reaped an investigation into the allegations that he grooms girls and young women before having an inappropriate relationship with them. Sadly enough, it looks like the local Richmond, Virginia police are about the only ones not interested in investigating any wrong doing by Pastor G. California and Texas are the ones looking into charges that he sexually misbehaved with minors in their states during his time there.

So why aren’t the Richmond Police taking this seriously? Local religious leaders are. Local media is.

From WRIC Richmond, Virginia.

RICHMOND, VA-Following an 8News Investigation exposing accusations of sexual misconduct against the pastor of a large, well-known church in Richmond, Virginia, officials in Texas confirm they are investigating the pastor on allegations of child molestation and lewd acts with two children.

Texas Police confirm they are investigating Geronimo Aguilar, the pastor of The ROC church in Richmond, for accusations of sexual misconduct.

A group of Richmond faith leaders held a protest Monday, calling for Aguilar’s resignation. On multiple websites, Aguilar has been accused of sexual misconduct. 8News also discovered a Facebook page called “Richmond Outreach Center Recovery Group.” It has been set up for those who allege to be victims of sexual abuse at the hands of Aguilar.

8News has confirmed Aguilar was under investigation in California and Texas; a police report shows that he was alleged to have committed lewd acts on two children. Texas police are now actively investigating Aguilar.

A complaint against Aguilar was filed in Richmond a few years back, but Richmond Police say there was not enough evidence to file charges. The department is not currently investigating allegations against Pastor G.

“At this point, there is no case against Pastor G,” said Major Steve Drew with the Richmond Police Department. “We have seen allegations against other jurisdictions, and we will let those jurisdictions carry out their cases and we will see what the results of those outcomes are.”

8News has learned the Richmond Police Department spends thousands of dollars funding programs at The ROC, but Major Steve Drew says the partnership would in no way influence any investigation of complaint against the pastor or the church.

“We take everyone of those cases and allegations seriously,” said Drew. “We are going to investigate every single one, it doesn’t matter what organization, who the individual is; I think we have shown that in our history.”

The alleged victims of the investigation in California spoke to 8News using Skype. We have chosen not to identify the women, who are now adults, but say Aguilar began a sexual relationship with them when they were children.

“I was about 12 when we started having sex. I thought I loved him. I thought that I was special to him,” one of the victims told us.

On May 6, another adult woman told 8News that when Aguilar was second pastor at her church in California, he nsuck into her bedroom, touched her feet to wake her up and encouraged her to come outside with him. We have chosen to keep her identity hidden.

She says she was a young teen at the time of the incident. “Geronimo was flirtatious with me and woke me up that night when I spent the night and asked me to sneak outside with him,” the alleged vitim told 8News.

“He let me know he was on the verge of divorce with his previous wife and that he was interested in me and had a crush on me one thing led to another we ended up in a park by the home my sister lived in. He pursued me, I went with it and we had intercourse in the park.  I was 15 years old and he was 21,” the woman said.

At this time, no charges have been filed against Aguilar. His attorney maintains that Aguilar is innocent of the allegations lobbied against him.

Many in the area say Pastor G has been an asset to the community. He has worked closely with Richmond Police and their faith-based leaders group. Each year at Christmas, The ROC gives away thousands of gifts to the city’s neediest children.

On YouTube, several people have recorded testimonials that say Aguilar and his church The ROC saved them from addiction.

Friday, the church posted a letter on their Facebook page defending the pastor.

The letter reads in part: “Pastor Geronimo has not participated in anything criminal or scandalous, and these accusations are completely untrue.”

The full letter may be found on the church’s Facebook page.

On Sunday, May 5, members of The ROC Church rode in solidarity in support of Pastor G. Dozens of bikers and other drivers gathered outside the church first, where Aguilar spoke the group briefly before he went back inside and they hit the road.

One of the supporters told 8News as he drove away, “We love him very very much…Pastor G is awesome, thanks you!”

Some cars even carried written messages of support for the pastor.

This is a developing story. Stay with 8News for updates.

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