Vision Forum & Defending Parental Rights at the Expense of Children

Vision Forum & Defending Parental Rights at the Expense of Children May 23, 2013

by Calulu

It seems that HSLDA isn’t the only weapon in the evangelical world against the wicked world supposedly persecuting them. This morning as I was reading through Doug Phillips of Vision Forum’s blog, dodging the pleas for money and the ads for all the crap Vision Forum sells, I spied a prime piece of typical fear-mongering. A Evangelical Pavlovian dog bell, the sight of which I’m sure had hearts beating in fear all the while slavering and drooling as they clickied the link.

I’m sure Doug Phillips gets a cut every single time the link is clicked.

The link leads to a legal service to help defend parents against any accusations of bad parenting called “Heritage Defense”. For the sum of $195 bucks or so a year according to Doug Phillips they will help you with all those pesky things like:

The creative strategies for controlling Christian family life go far beyond the right to homeschool and are more than a little chilling. Heritage Defense is prepared to come to the aid of families when they are challenged in these, among other, critical areas:

Medical Decisions

  • Including decisions flowing from the belief that life is sacred and is to be protected.
  • Vaccinations
  • Midwifery
  • Wellness Checks


  • In many states, any accident involving a child which requires emergency room care will automatically trigger a social services investigation.

Corporal Punishment

  • Despite the fact that corporal punishment by parents is legal in every state, most social services agencies view the loving and biblical use of the rod as an illegal activity for which children are to be taken from their parents.

Nutritional Decisions

  • A surprising number of referrals come because of a child’s weight/growth and from differences over eating or other concerns relating to nutrition.
  • Often, the first action taken by CPS upon gaining access to a home is to inspect the pantry and refrigerator.

Religious and moral convictions

  • Referrals often flow from disagreeable neighbors and even church and family members who have philosophical differences or theological disagreements with parents.


  • Many have discovered the devastating tool for destruction available through an anonymous tip to social services.

Investigations in these areas are triggered by reports — often anonymous tips — that routinely proceed regardless of the credibility of such tips or the motivation behind them.

Today there are a host of “mandatory reporters” with whom families come in regular contact who have been ordered to act as social informants on behalf of the state — reporting on anything “suspicious” which they observe in any family. These may include doctors, nurses, dentists, child care providers, teachers, law enforcement, church staff, day care and nursery workers, and a host of others (perhaps even your own pastor) who risk losing their licenses and their livelihood — and even face fines and imprisonment — if they fail to divulge personal details about their fellow citizens. Because of the fear this naturally generates, unfounded reports are rampant — well over 75%.[5]

An “anonymous tip” is all that separates your family from a social services investigation.

Thankfully, we are not alone in this fight, as Heritage Defense is prepared to meet such social worker challenges head on. After years of defending individual Christian families who were unjustly targeted by CPS for seeking to rear their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, my friend Don Hart felt compelled to address this growing crisis in a manner which would allow Christian families to stand together and defend each other from such abuses.

Since its launch three years ago, Heritage Defense has successfully resolved every social services issue which has arisen among its member families.

Heritage Defense is the only national member-based legal advocacy organization that is committed to defending families on such a broad range of fronts. While I often encourage families to join HSLDA to protect their parental right to educate their children at home, there are a host of other dangers which threaten your family which must be squarely and effectively dealt with. That’s what Heritage Defense does.

So basically what Heritage Defense does is fight to legally allow fundamentalist parents to beat, starve and just generally neglect or abuse their children in the name of religion and God. They’ve been around for the last three years but are suddenly more visible after the recent battles HSLDA has participated in.

More from Doug as to why every parent needs this service:

Many homeschooling families have made the wise choice to join Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), one of the most successful and God-blessed Christian organizations in America where I was privileged to serve as an attorney for six years. Through the leadership of HSLDA, a tide of anti-home education legislation has been thwarted, and tens of thousands of families have enjoyed the peace and comfort of knowing that they had competent representation, should their right to home educate ever be challenged. The very existence of HSLDA has positively changed the landscape for freedom and family reformation in America. Thankfully, families who have HSLDA membership have a staff of advocates to assist them when their right to home school is threatened.

But what happens if a social worker’s qualm is not related to home education?

What if it is an attack on the rights of parents to administer loving, biblical correction to their children through corporal punishment, or a challenge to medical choices like vaccinations and midwifery, and other practical applications of biblical standards within the family that a social worker deems “harmful”?

What is your recourse when you are singled out for scrutiny because of a premature birth or a special needs child — or if you become “profiled” and “targeted” because you have a large number of children and a unique family dynamic seen as “dangerous”?

You may find yourself under attack and threatened by officials — without legal representation. Until recently, your best option was to find a local attorney (remember HSLDA does not formally cover these non-homeschooling issues), and hope that he was competent to handle this type of defense.

Even if you were able to find such an attorney, the attorney’s fees and other expenses for your defense could easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, with some cases costing well into six figures to defend. Without outside assistance, this financial burden would bankrupt the typical American homeschool family. Worse yet, they could lose their children due to their financial inability to defend their parental rights.

But things have changed. The Lord has raised up a strong, competent, and important legal organization that complements the type of defense that HSLDA provides for home educators, but does so in the context of defending other parental rights that are fundamental to the peace of your household.

The organization is called Heritage Defense, and it is championed by my good friend, Don Hart.

Today I am recommending that all of the friends and supporters of Vision Forum Ministries carefully consider joining this crucial organization in the face of abusive and unlawful intervention into the sanctity of your home by officials who do not respect either your constitutional freedoms or your parental rights.

Thoughts on this? I personally find it reprehensible. There seems to be a real agenda in the fundamental and evangelical groups to hide child neglect and defend child abusers at any cost. This alone shows what they truly believe about the sanctity of life and the value of children. There is no value on the youngest and most helpless.

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