Quoting Quiverfull: Biblical Character?

Quoting Quiverfull: Biblical Character? June 13, 2013

by Jeff Owens of Bible Believer Net – The Attributes of a Wife Who Possesses Character

1. A wife with character will be in submission to her husband, even if she feels he is not worthy of her submission.

2. A wife with character will love her husband.

3. A wife with character will do all that she can to build up her husband rather than to tear him down.

4. A wife with character will attempt to have supper for husband, whether or not he is home on time.

5. A wife with character will clean the house as many times as is necessary.

6. A wife with character will not go to bead  at night with dirty dishes in the sink.

7. A wife with character is as concerned about the cleanliness of the places in the house that can not be seen as he is concerned with the places of the house that can be seen.

8. A wife with character realizes that she first should served her her husband and not another’s husband.

9. A wife with character shows thankfulness to her husband.

10. A wife with character keeps herself nice, even if her husband does not.

Note: After reading this material, a wife with character will spend more time developing her own character than she will pointing out the character flaws of others.

Remember this is strongly connected to Attributed of a Husband who Posses Character by Jeff Owens and Character Dating List from Jeff Owens

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