Quoting Quiverfull: Marrying Young Keeps The Gay Away?

Quoting Quiverfull: Marrying Young Keeps The Gay Away? June 28, 2013

by Vaughn Ohlman from Persevero News – I Call Them Traitors

The Internet was all abuzz with the news that Exodus International, a group that claimed to help ‘homosexuals’ who were ‘struggling with same sex attraction’ to change. The group issued an ‘apology’ to the ‘gay community’ for their ‘years of undue judgement’.

‘Undue judgment’. Interesting words. ‘Undue’: not due. Not what is due the person. Not what we should be doing to the person. Not what is owed the person.


Let us be very clear. We are all sinners. We all do things worthy of death. So when it comes to what is ‘due’, then the judgement of death is ‘due’ every one of us. All of us. Whether we are fornicators, proud, disobedient to parents…

Or Sodomites.

The ‘gay community’. Gay: those who commit and promote Sodomy.[2] Community: group of people. A Christian apologizing to a group of people who commit and promote Sodomy. Well, it has happened before, sort of. Several times Sodom was held up as an example of ‘people who would have repented’ if only given the same miracles that were done in some towns of Israel.[4]

But there the ‘apology’ was in favor of their repentance. The Israelite cities were told that Sodom would have repented faster then they (the Israelites cities) did. See Nineveh, for example. Here, on the other hand, we see a supposed Christian leader apologizing to a community of sinners… for accusing them of sin!

The only proper response for Christians, as Christians, to the ‘gay community’ is condemnation. An individual, suffering with temptation to a given sin, that person should be approached differently, perhaps. Especially if they are repentant! If they recognize their sin as sin!!

But the ‘gay community’ is made up of people who, precisely, do not recognize what they are doing as sin. The ‘gay community’ can have no fellowship with Christians…

The ‘gay’ community, as a community, must be duly condemned. An individual Sodomite, who has repented and turned from Sodomy, why, how are we any different? Which of us is not, in our hearts, adulterers, murderers, fornicators, theives…? But that is what we were, not what we are! The ‘gay’ community should be treated like we would treat the ‘rapist’ community, ‘the community of committed axe murderers’ and the like. Sodomy is, will always be, and must be recognized as, a sin. Sodomy is a civil crime and, if there are the requisite two witnesses, then the proper punishment is death by stoning. How is it that we can have a ‘Christian’ group that speaks of their ‘relationship’ with the ‘gay community’??

What then should be our response to the scourge of Sodomy that threatens to devour and destroy our entire society?

Firstly, God calls us to pray, first of all. Our land can only be healed by prayer.[5] Prayer is to be our first and continual response to any ‘crisis’ in our society, church, or family.

Secondly,  God calls us to speak the truth in love.[6] Love does not mean false speaking or modern ‘tolerance’. Love speaks the truth and wishes the good, not the evil, of its object. And Love speaks the truth.

The truth is that there is a sin, properly called ‘Sodomy’. A sin named after an evil city. A sin which is named after a sin which is a blasphemy against the image of Christ. We must call it a sin, we must never call it any other. And I would call it Sodomy, as well.

As we have abandoned the name of this sin, so we have abandoned the Law of God that governs and condemns it. In both the Old and New Testaments Sodomy is a death penalty offense. It was God himself who rained down fire on the city of Sodom, where there were not even ten righteous men.

There is one more thing to be spoken of. One thing that God commanded, specifically, has designed and prepared for us for exactly this problem, exactly this issue, exactly this blasphemy. A solution that our modern church has ignored, denied, and even contradicted.

Sodomy is a form of fornication, and our society is not the first to fall under its sway. And God speaks, very deliberately, of how it is that we as Christians, indeed as a society, are to combat fornication.

God has prepared, for every man, a wife, and for every woman a husband. A wife they are to take in their youth:

Let us as a church, and as a society, turn back to the good gift that God has given us, and turn from our blasphemy:

And as for the men, supposedly Christian men, of Exodus International, the men who have done this blasphemous thing, I declare them traitors. Their hearts only God can judge, but as for their actions, this we each must respond to.

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To see the scads of scriptures inserted into this posting to support the author’s  suppositions please click on I Call Them Traitors.

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