Quoting Quiverfull: No Votes or Anything Else For Women?

Quoting Quiverfull: No Votes or Anything Else For Women? June 23, 2013

by Vaughn Ohlman of Persevero News – unFair Fatherhood

The state, currently, has emasculated men. Men who, in a former age, would die rather than allow anyone to kill their child are now ‘forced’ to stand back and allow the mother of their child to ask ‘doctors’ and ‘nurses’ to kill their child for them.

Even a husband, the father of the child, will be forced by the state to ‘stand back’. Grief unimaginable… and these husbands do, indeed, stand back. “It is her choice,” is the mantra.

Except it isn’t. Or, at least, it isn’t supposed to be. God’s law doesn’t make it the woman’s choice.

Her choice to kill the child: obviously not. Such an act is forbidden by God’s law. The mother, doctor, nurses, and judges who allow or command such an act should be put to death.

But Scripture goes beyond that. Way beyond that. The wife is supposed to be obeying her husband ‘in everything’.[I Peter 3] How far we have come from that!

Some denominations, nowadays, have made it a rule that churches must send one man and one woman to ruling conferences and the like. The idea is that they are trying for ‘equality’ and ‘to get the woman’s perspective’. But surely this must be a denial of either Biblical doctrine or simple logic. If the woman is obeying her husband ‘in everything’ then this includes, obviously, her vote and the opinions she expresses.

So what is the point of the woman at the meeting? It must either be because their logic has not reasoned out that a woman who is obeying her husband is a mere intermediary in a meeting, or else because they deny the doctrine itself.

Our society has put this in place with the woman’s vote. And I would be willing to guess that the men complaining of ‘unFair Fatherhood’ are amongst the chief proponents of women voting. The woman who votes is either voting in agreement with her husband or father, or in opposition. And if in opposition, then this system denies the very authority that God has put in place for families, an opposition which has led inexorably to the situation we have. Or if an agreement then what is the point? Adding to the vote of successful patriarchs? Somehow I doubt this was the plan.

You can’t have it both ways. Either our society is going to accept Biblical law or we aren’t. If we are, then things are going to have to  change, and change radically, in the area of fornication and sex roles. If we aren’t, then these men have nothing to stand on, nothing to appeal to.

Satan loves the current situation. In the world and in the church God’s Word is being blasphemed. Where God’s Word calls for young fruitful marriage and the ever increasing blessing of children, the world calls for fornication and child murder and the church calls for barren and blasphemous celibacy.

But the modern church, including the writers of the Life Site News Article, are unable to see where the answer must, perforce, lie: in a return to the authority of God’s Word and God’s Law. The church needs to make up its mind. Will it follow the narrow path of Scripture? Or the wide path leading to destruction, the modern path, the easy and ‘tolerant’ path, where ‘all men are paid for existing, and no man must pay for his sins’?[Rudyard Kipling, The God’s of the Copybook Headings]

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