Quoting Quiverfull: Stuffing the Ballot Box With Arrows?

Quoting Quiverfull: Stuffing the Ballot Box With Arrows? June 12, 2013

by Colin Campbell in Meat For Men

It is foolish of the church to adopt the world’s mindset and limit the arrows in their quivers to one or two per family. This mindset has no military (natural or spiritual) understanding. If God, in His sovereignty, holds back children, we must prayerfully hold on. However, woe unto us if we purposefully limit the arrows God wants to give us for we will stand ashamed in the day of battle.

How can we possibly win over evil, even in the ballot box at election time, if the Christian conservatives have not the wisdom and foresight to fill their quivers with arrows? We stood ashamed in the last election and quite likely will continue to do so, unless we repent and start filling the quivers with sharp arrows.

The ballot box is not the only place where we need sharp arrows. We need them in Washington, and in every city every day of the week, in order to gain victory over all evil and wickedness. Evil will continue to triumph if we Christian parents do not get the revelation of the importance of raising children to be sharp arrows.

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  • mayarend

    aka since you can’t convince people to your crazy ways, you must spawn offspring that will not know any better than to behave exactly like you so you can vote your way into the country.

  • Trollface McGee

    Absolutely, if you need to go to battle, there is no strategy better than waiting 19 years for that kid to grow up and be ready (and if he’s wounded, don’t worry just wait a year or two and he’ll have a replacement!). I imagine this would be a great recruiting tactic for professional sports as well.
    Same for politics. Sure, you can have good ideas that will win you voters because they agree with you but that’s silly wordly nonsense. Much better to produce 8-10 voters over a few decades (because nothing changes in politics year to year).
    Of course, the kids might have the sinful gall to vote on their own conscience rather than tow your party line but then you get to complain about how persecuted you are or something.

  • Kristen Rosser

    Except, of course, that the idea of children as “arrows” in a culture war has nothing to do with Christianity as it has ever been preached or taught prior to the last decade.

  • NeaDods

    We stood ashamed in the last election and quite likely will continue to do so

    “… as long as we can’t come up with ways of bringing in swing votes or completely shutting down the votes of those who we oppose.”

    Because you’re assuming that your bazillion kids will in fact all grow up to vote like you (not guaranteed), and spawn another bazillion kids who will grow up to vote like you (really not guaranteed), and that this will make up for coming up with arguments that would convince the rest of the nation to actually agree with you.

    How many of the quiverfull kids are old enough to vote? How many of the girls are allowed to vote? How many of the wives are allowed to vote? How many of the families can actually get to the polls in the first place? The author is assuming an awful lot out of an army when many of the arrows are too young do to anything and half of them aren’t allowed out without a guy telling them what to do anyway.

    And do I even want to know about the “day of battle” this guy is imagining?

  • Lyn

    I thought political comment threatened religious groups tax exempt status.

  • Madame


    all papa darling has to do is threaten the rebellious kid with a short life and an eternity in hell for dishonoring him.

  • acutler

    So where does evangelism fit on their list of effective means of culture change? (Which was actually commanded by Jesus as opposed to militant fecundity, which was not.)

  • aim2misbehave

    They’re endorsing political activism, and heavily implying which parties they hope these people will vote for, but since they don’t outright name a party or candidate that statement at least won’t threaten their tax exempt status.