Saturday News Links: June 29, 2013

Saturday News Links: June 29, 2013 June 29, 2013

American Family Association Radio goes back into wacko land by claiming that the Democrats are about to make our president sit in the back of the bus. It really all does boil down to racism in extreme fundamentalism –

Pat Robertson issues threats to those who reveal that his words and his theology are stupid –

Tony Perkins of Family Research Council, new employer of Josh Duggar, claims that the government wants to ‘neuter’ the church –

A good example from The American Vision of fundamentalist/evangelicalism Dominionism –

Christian blogger/anti-feminist busy denying that purity culture is also rape culture by using campus rapes as an example –

Another Christian blogger, Jolene Engels, gives some very bad marriage advice

Do you suffer from Post Trauma Church Syndrome? From –

How the Religious Right is responding to Wednesday’s Supreme Court decision re DOMA –

Huckabee sounding off on the DOMA decision, says it’s making Jesus cry –

A funny piece by Patheo’s The Friendly Atheist about what happens when you accidentally scratch the car door of a certain type of Christian –

Another view of Exodus International’s closing from Strange Figures –

Chick Fil A president Dan Cathy pulled a John Piper today, tweeted something nasty and then deleted it before he pissed off too many of his chicken consumers. Luckily The Wall Street Journal caught it before the deletion –

Relevant Magazine published a thought-provoking piece about how the Christian Purity Culture is creating as many marriage problems as anything else –

Pat Robertson is busy making dire predictions since DOMA was struck down of gloom and doom, another Sodom and Gomorrah –

Another pastor caught sexually abusing minors while supposedly counseling them. More about pastor Larry Durant from Sumter, SC –

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