Laughter is Good Medicine: Tracts & Flyers

Laughter is Good Medicine: Tracts & Flyers July 20, 2013

Just a tract and a flyer that make me laugh by their mistakes and assumptions. Did you know, for example, that atheists are cranky all the time? How about misspelling the word “Illiterate” while accusing the country of being illiterate?




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  • Melody Kay Young


  • Djiril

    Have you seen their website?
    (I think I posted this earlier today on the wrong page.)

  • Trollface McGee

    Wow… I had to check if that was satire, then I had to check again. Sadly it appears not to be. For all the bashing it does against Landover Baptist, it makes Christians look worse than that site ever could.

  • Other Lolly

    I suspect the first flyer was made by atheists. Don’t try to convert us, kids. We’re crotchety and depressing and it’s best you stay far, far away.

  • Other Lolly

    Why did I click on that link? Lambuel is seriously creeping me out.

  • Djiril

    I’ve been wondering if that site is satire for years. I’m still not sure.

  • The_L1985

    It is satire. IIRC, Normal Bob was involved in its creation.