My Cult Life’s Newest Project!

My Cult Life’s Newest Project! July 24, 2013

Lisa at My Cult Life is seeking participants for a television show about those escaping abusive theology and cults.

Here’s the deal. They want people who have been out a year or less if possible and have started to take positive steps towards recovery by doing something inspirational. But all great stories will be considered.

How inspirational, you ask? It can range from something like I mean anything from attending school, to moving across country to land a dream job, to coming out w/their sexuality, or moving from a patriarchal lifestyle (home school, purity vows, etc.) to embracing feminism.

Anyone can apply, male, female, gay, straight, trans, whatever. Everyone is welcome to apply.

Contact Lisa for questions: and include full name, phone and email for contact, date you left the cult, name of the cult, if you have Skype and your story in up to 500 words.

Comments open below

Lisa Kerr blogs at My Cult Life and describes herself  and her blog – True cult stories and life beyond. Lisa Kerr is a profanity-laced humorist, provocative writer, and a blogger full of moxie, who does side work as a body double for Zach Galifianakis.

who does side work as the body double for Zach Galifianakis. – See more at:

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  • brbr2424

    That’s a reality show I would watch.

  • B.E. Miller

    The last reality shows I watched were the1900 House and Frontier House. I would definitely watch this one. Most reality shows are so empty, but this one no doubt have good information and it would be great to see folks getting on after leaving theology cults.
    The only downside is that those who are in cults probably won’t see this at all.
    Hopefully their neighbors will.

  • There are so many of us former members who often feel alone–suffering through this by ourselves. I hope it would give former members a chance to heal and also educate people more broadly about the dangers of living in a cult.