Quoting Quiverfull: Anti-Gun Culture Reason To Homeschool?

Quoting Quiverfull: Anti-Gun Culture Reason To Homeschool? July 11, 2013

by Mary Pride of Homeschool World on Facebook

Today’s reason to homeschool: hysteria over a tiny plastic “gun” that is shorter than my thumb. Is it clear by now that it’s the very concept of guns *in the hands of civilians* that schools are trying to eradicate? Kids aren’t allowed to draw pictures of guns, point their fingers and pretend cops ‘n robbers, or even sign their name if it includes a “gun” finger position (no lie, this happened). The message: guns are EEEEEEVIL, and any mention of them (such as in a paper written for school on the topic of hunting, or on a t-shirt) must be harshly punished (yes, that happened, too). Meanwhile, heavily armed cops patrol schools, arresting kids for infractions that would have just sent them to the principal’s office in the past, and more and more schools are scheduling “active shooter” drills where PACKS of heavily armed police storm the school. Anyone else bothered by this?

(Editor’s note: This is only one of the many pro-gun/anti-public school quotes in Mary Pride’s Facebook. She uses anti-gun culture to justify homeschooling on many occasions.)

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