Quoting Quiverfull: Imprinting Your Eldest Child To Control The Younger?

Quoting Quiverfull: Imprinting Your Eldest Child To Control The Younger? July 28, 2013

from Andrea Schwartz at her blog Words From Andrea and at Ladies Against Feminism –  The Challenges of Family Life.

The single most important aspect of preparing for family expansion is to concentrate on learning, understanding and applying the law of God. By incorporating the ultimate Standard of life into one’s thinking (economically, socially, nutritionally, etc.), instead of “making it up as you go along,” parents can be confident that their decisions and practices aren’t arbitrary and will receive blessings from God.

Investing time with a first-born is essential to this process. Too many mothers think leaving their child’s early years in the hands of paid providers (no matter how good they may be) is an acceptable choice. When a woman’s first child arrives on the scene, along with the normal care and nurturing which is true for all children, an additional emphasis needs to be given as this first child will end up being a defacto leader to younger brothers and sisters. The patterns that are established with a first child, who will be the first to reach maturity, are important because any younger children will use this older sibling as a litmus test for what is “really” allowed as opposed to what are the “stated” rules and regulations of the household.

This child (boy or girl) is to be groomed to assist the mother as more children are added to the family. One of the ways to bring about a unified family is to establish with older children the duties and responsibilities attendant with their position within the family. Birth order may seem accidental to them, but God has a distinct purpose in how He configures families. Making a point to deputize the older children apprentices them for the time they will manage a household of their own. It also gives them an accurate picture of where their loyalties should lie.

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  • Trollface McGee

    Don’t these people cry about how teen pregnancy is ruining the world because “children are not ready to raise children.” Oh right, it’s all about the icky sex.

  • wanderer

    where their loyalties should lie???? creepy!!

  • Saraquill

    How can the parents concentrate on their first child, when they are busy trying to create, feed and house a quiver’s worth?

  • ILoveJellybeans

    So basically, ruin your oldest kid’s childhood by expecting them to grow up too fast and take responsibility for running the household? And then complain about how worldly kids grow up far too fast by dating, wearing immodest clothing and leaving home at 18 even if theyre not married?

  • Theo Darling


  • Nightshade

    These people really like to assign life roles based on factors that are out of one’s control, don’t they? First child has to be a leader/surrogate parent for younger for no better reason than being firstborn, women must be submissive ‘good wives’ just because they have two X chromosomes, men simply have to be responsible for everything just because of that pesky Y chromosome.