Quoting Quiverfull: Raising Men Not Wimps?

Quoting Quiverfull: Raising Men Not Wimps? July 9, 2013

by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies – Do You Have Sons?

As he was nearing death, David encouraged his son, Solomon with these words, “Be thou strong therefore, and show thyself a man” (1 Kings 2:2). The HCSB translation says, “Be strong and be courageous like a man.” I like the Knox Version. Wherever it talks about being strong and courageous, he translates it, “Play the man.” In other words, to act like a man means to be strong and courageous.

How old was Solomon when he became king? Some commentaries say 12 years old. Josephus says he was 14 years old. And other commentaries say 20 years old. Whatever is correct, he was a very young man, and yet expected to be strong and courageous and take on the governing of a nation.

We have lessened our expectations for young men today. In fact, it seems this nation wants to dumb them down. They are frowned on for doing manly things and babied into their twenties. Yes, mothers, we’ll mother and smother our little baby sons, but as they grow, we’ll take our hands off, let go of fear, and allow them to grow into men–at a young age!

Why do so many young men get into trouble in their teens? There’s never meant to be a teen stage. By the time they are 12, they should be training in manhood and have opportunity to do manly things and act like a man. They should face difficulties with courage and strength. They should be preparing to provide for a home.

Let’s raise men, not wimps!

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  • a-mckeown

    In Jewish thinking there is three stages in life. There is the age of direction, the age of decision, and the age of accountability. Teen years and even twenties are the age of decision. Us men get/got into trouble in the teen years because of how we get/got treated during the age of direction.

  • My heart breaks for all the young men who don’t fit into this narrowly defined view of manhood, who feel pressured to live up to something that doesn’t naturally suit their strengths as human beings. It’s people like Nancy Campbell who are lessening expectations and dumbing them down, not the other way around!

  • Trollface McGee

    In ancient Japan where the Shoguns controlled the Emperor, the Emperor was typically allowed to “rule” until he was around 20 and then he would go into retirement. Historically, when empires and kingdoms were on the decline, the political power base would go out of it’s way to find a very young(or feeble minded) king so he could be easily controlled. Teenage kings make for good storytelling but for rather boring and corrupt history. Maybe “good Christians” don’t have an adolescence but the rest of the world seems to.

    “We have lessened our expectations for young men today. In fact, it seems this nation wants to dumb them down. ”
    Yeah, sending them to school to get educated, instead of working at a farm or a factory, illiterate (which I guess is also manly), is dumbing them down..right.

    “They are frowned on for doing manly things and babied into their twenties.”

    By manly things, I am imagining stupid acts of machismo, which, if allowed to do, most men will frown on themselves when they get older.
    Also, brain research shows that most young people don’t fully form their prefrontal cortex (the part that’s most important for good decision making) until well into their 20s. So maybe we aren’t so hindered by our less-manly society.

  • NeaDods

    They are frowned on for doing manly things

    So often when I hear someone (often a woman!) complaining that men just can’t be “men” anymore, it’s when teenaged boys have just done something egregiously stupid and sexist, like marching en masse down sorority row shouting a chant that would be the definition of rape if acted upon. Damn right people frown on that! It’s not manly, it’s cruel, juvenile, bullying and incitement to riot and rampage. Living down to the fundie view of men as violent, sex-crazed Neanderthals should be frowned on!

  • Saraquill

    What is her idea of being manly?

  • KarenJo12

    If being manly means being strong and brave, and women are the opposite of men, the does being womanly mean being weak and cowardly?