Quoting Quiverfull: The Blessing and Privilege of Being a Wife and Mother?

Quoting Quiverfull: The Blessing and Privilege of Being a Wife and Mother? July 22, 2013

Zsuzsanna Anderson, wife of Steve L. Anderson at Are They All Yours – Q&A Answers Part 1

Would you let any of your children (daughters included) go to college? 

By the time our children are college-aged, they will no longer be minors, so this is not a question of us “allowing” them to go to college – that would be their decision. However, it is our hope and goal to teach them that college is overrated and worthless, and that working hard and consistently will advance a career much faster than getting a degree. Our daughters will hopefully have learned that no college or career comes close to the blessing and privilege of being a wife and mother. It’s like asking if I’m worried they will grow up and eat at McDonald’s: I suppose it is possible, but when you are used to grass-fed steaks, that pink slime just doesn’t hold any appeal. They CAN go to college if they want to,  but why would they?

Please note that I am NOT against learning. However, going to college and learning are not one and the same. Anything that is taught at college, one can learn on their own through reading or apprenticeship. Not  like going to college is a brain transplant – someone just stands in a classroom telling you things that are available elsewhere to learn on your own.

Of course,  some professions require college degrees. Should anyone want to pursue a career in one of them, it would be wise to utilize a private college, with no “diversity” training, and without incurring any student debt.

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  • texcee

    What a self-serving, ignorant article. There is much more to college than simply education of an academic nature, but all of it is anathema to the patriarchy crowd. Going to college is a first important step into adulthood and away from the control of your parents. It fosters independence, empirical thought, social interaction with people of different backgrounds from yours, maturity, taking chances and learning that you can succeed, making friends, perhaps finding love. For me, I found college to be like escaping from prison. Suddenly the whole world opened up to me and I soaked up knowledge like a person dying of thirst. I learned that the bubble I’d been living in was NOT normal, human society. I made lifelong friends and I met my husband, with whom I just celebrated 38 years of marriage. He was the polar opposite of the man my parents would have chosen for me, but I would do it all over again. Most importantly, college opened my mind and taught me how to THINK. If I had stayed at home instead of going to college, I have no doubt that I would have lived an empty, miserable life and be as bitter and ignorant as my mother was.

  • Joyce

    “someone just stands in a classroom telling you things that are available elsewhere to learn on your own.”

    Spoken by someone who clearly didn’t go to college.

  • If your piece is read by someone like the woman above or Jenny Chanchey, it will give them the exact reasons why they should oppose college for their children…
    (I mean, good for you, but that is how they will read it.)

  • texcee

    That’s why I said going to college was anathema to the patriarchy crowd. It’s everything they are against!

  • NeaDods

    Yes and no – these days of iTunes University and Khan Academy, it is possible to get legitimate college-level courses elsewhere than a campus. On the other hand, Texcee is right – there’s much, much more to going to college than simply taking the classes – otherwise, why would Anderson be so desperate to brainwash her kids against it? And the brainwashing is SO obvious, with the dismissive attitude, the “girls don’t need it anyway” and – the icing on the cake – the insistence that if you really must get something that requires an actual degree, better do it under very limited circumstances. Despite the fact that private college cost much more than public ones – but better to pay more than to be forced to acknowledge there are people out there who aren’t Just Like You… or far worse, aren’t like the strawmen descriptions of what the kids have been told Jews/atheists/gays/etc. are like.

  • Theo Darling

    “with no ‘diversity’ training” oaihgia;dfe
    I am finally attending a college that I love (an art school–ewww liberal) and have really enjoyed ALL my classes so far, but the ones that excite me the most each semester are invariably the diversity studies classes. And yeah, there is absolutely no way I would’ve been able to learn what I’m learning stuck at home in my parents’ house. I’ve already lived through their idea of education, and it didn’t match reality. Suck it, kyriarchy!

  • i sometimes think it would be nice to be this ignorant. “i’m 100% right in all of my viewpoints. that makes you wrong. tah-dah!”

    and to be ok with that attitude…

    nope. thought about it again. nevermind. :S

  • Holly

    If they don’t go to college they better learn to like McDonald’s real fast.

  • Saraquill

    And these non college educated women are expected to homeschool their own eventual children. *sarcasm* Nope, nothing wrong with that plan at all. *end sarcasm*

  • brbr2424

    That one got me too. Go to a private college but don’t incur debt. I guess on the way to college the kid will need to hold up a bank or two to come up with the $200,000 needed for a private college. You have to give this woman, who seems to have a huge chip on her shoulder, credit for recognizing that she can’t control her children’s choices once they are adults.

  • brbr2424

    Hopefully they will learn to like McDonald’s so that they can take full advantage of their employee discount.

  • NeaDods

    Yeah, she can denigrate it, misrepresent it, refuse to help pay for it or refuse to let them work for it… But she can’t stop it!

    … Except she kind of has.

  • NeaDods

    They don’t need no learning, they just need to parrot back everything beaten into them. Or something like that.

  • texcee

    You want fries with that?