Saturday News Links: July, 13, 2013

Saturday News Links: July, 13, 2013 July 13, 2013

Are the Duggars Quiverfullers that use the abusive discipline method advocated by Michael and Debi Pearl? –


Even Dear Abby has had to address the issues of socialization faced by some homeschoolers –

Someone really should remove Pat Robertson from his public forum and place him somewhere, like an assisted living place, where he can’t say things that are clearly dementia driven. Now he’s asking for a Facebook ‘Vomit’ button along side the ‘Like’ button so he can dislike pictures of gay couples –


From Current TV’s John Fugelsang: The five nasty traits all religious fundamentalists share –


From Salon: Five ways fundamentalists are trying to sneak creationism into public schools –


From Salon by Leslie Patrick – I Was a Home Schooled Freak –


And the second bit of Pat Robertson dementia for the week, calling for armed overthrow of Obama –


The Pat Robertson Trifecta “Gay People are just confused straight people” HUH? –

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  • persephone

    Fugelsang did mention fundamentalists, including atheists, but then he blew it by saying all religions hate each other, rather than recognizing that, outside the Abrahamic big three, most religions are mostly live and let live, at least to non-members.

  • Baby_Raptor

    I am not a confused straight person.

    And, really. Why are we not throwing these people who are calling for the destruction of the government in jail? Some time behind bars might make them grow the Fuck up.