Saturday News Links – July 6, 2013

Saturday News Links – July 6, 2013 July 6, 2013


Pat Robertson says something insulting and anti-woman again. This time involving the Marines –


Time magazine published information about how child abuse not only causes PTSD and physical problems but it also can affect your DNA –


Arizona lawmakers are proposing a law that will prevent atheists from being allowed to graduate from high school –

Heartbreaking story shared at the closing of Exodus International by the Christian parents of a gay man that lost their son –


From the blog Away Point – Twenty Vile Quotes Against Women –


The Prosperity Gospel and Celebrity Christian being preached in some of the Charismatic churches –


Homicide convictions upheld in Wisconsin over death of 11 year old Kara Neuman by parental neglect. Kara died of treatable juvenile diabetes when her Pentecostal parents refused all treatment but prayer. Incidentally this child was pulled out of public school to be homeschooled less than a year before. At least in public school the teachers would have realized she was quite ill –


The White House official response to Americans calling for the naming of Westboro Baptist as an official hate group and revoking their tax exempt status –

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