Laughter is Good Medicine: What Every Dad Wants!

Laughter is Good Medicine: What Every Dad Wants! August 26, 2013

I think someone in the marketing department at whatever drug store chain this is has either been sniffing markers or they’ve lost their minds. Strange thing to advertise as a gift for dad!




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  • Baby_Raptor

    I guess if you positioned it right, you could claim that it’s a tiny bed for his manhood to take a nap on?

  • Hurry, hurry, step right over! Men! It’s amazing, it’s all new, and it’s fabulous! The Mr. Happy Hammock! No more limp, tired members, oh no! With this Hammock, your little man will be nestled in a bed of soft cotton! Comfort and utility, and keeps you dry! For the small price of $4.50!