Quoting Quiverfull: College Substitutes?

Quoting Quiverfull: College Substitutes? August 20, 2013

by Renee Ellison of Ladies Against Feminism and Homeschool How-Tos – College Substitutes

Here is a starter list of substitutes for “doing” college:

This is a list that leads to a victorious life.  So trained, your young adults will be truly prepared for real life that glorifies God.  When they review their lives in retrospect on their deathbeds they won’t see a shameful chapter of four years of close camaraderie with those who defied Him.

***Summit (have them attend either the full semester or the two week summer session).  They’ll learn to support their biblical world-view for the rest of their lives and learn how to think clearly through any new vain philosophy life will throw at them.

***Travel: At a bare minimum, choose a trip to Israel because it is the seat of the consummation of all things, and the center of the coming government in the kingdom.  And choose some third world country: this will teach them to be grateful for any hard bed and any meager food, henceforth.  Also, such a trip to such a land will make them give of their flesh to lift the load (in some meaningful way) of others who are less fortunate.

***Work at progressively conquering role appropriate domestic skills:

+ basic understandings and personal skill in carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, and car mechanics.  Get short-term personal apprentices in each area, supplemented by DVDs, books, and YouTube tutorials that help them check off the sub-skills of each discipline.  They are going to need these skills when the economy collapses.

+ basic skill in all tailoring so that they can do any alteration on their growing children’s clothing someday.  It will be too late to learn it when there are five little ones running around.

+ rudimentary skill in various alternative health modalities; some midwifery skills, massage skills (for relieving the elderly and the sick with comforting touch), herbology, use of essential oils, and first aid.

+ healthy cooking: conquer feeding a family for a week, solo, with no help from mama, and only serving up healthy, great-tasting fare.  Young ladies will have to do this, the week after they marry; they can either be prepared or flail around.  This, of course, after a prior month of much help from mama.  And, host a tea.  Aso, host a full meal for guests, while the guests are in the kitchen talking with you.  Do it.

***Get them physically fit.  Establish this as a habit.  If they are power-walking as a minimum every day, at the same time each day, their feet automatically will go out the door first thing in the morning or at 4 in the afternoon or in the evening, or, or…  Add weight training: begin with one-pound weights.  Do this.  Team sports is not it—but a lifetime habit of keeping oneself physically fit IS.

***Get them a wage-earning skill (via apprenticeship) and book-learnin’ (via the libraries of the world).

***Get them fiscally sound—i.e. saving ….having large bank accounts…growing these funds by the day.  As Proverbs says, “Wealth earned little by little.  The hand of the diligent will rule.”  Deliver them from ever being in debt, for anything, including a house.  Start their own family life living in an RV, if necessary.

***Get them reading an hour a day as a habit for the rest of their lives.  Get it established as a habit, by their doing it now.  Let four chapters in the Bible every day lead the way (that gets you through the Word in a year).  George Mueller read it 200 times, and look what he put on the ground because of it, feeding 10,000 orphans.  Flood the mind with scripture and it will direct the life.  It is a short leash on worldliness.  It will keep the soul in the right place.

***Get them down the marriage aisle, with the right spouse—a God-fearing one, so they can begin to raise up godly seed.  Subtly hover over this; embrace the worldly slur of being a “helicopter parent”!  You BET!  Do what you need to, to get your offspring linked with the right spouse.  Go to gatherings where the God-fearing ARE.  Make the effort.  Make friends with God-fearing families whose young adults are “possibilities.”

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  • Independent Thinker

    Wow, what a disconnect. Giving a massage to someone who is not your spouse is ok but team sports are forbidden. That makes zero sense.

  • Lolly

    Shame is a powerful and popular tool in the Christian busybody’s arsenal. They wield the specter of shame and the condemnation of God to keep you toeing the line and keep you home. Why.

    Your degree and education are shameful, no matter what you do with it or how it helps you and those around you, In your last utterly exaggerated, hyperbolic, overly dramatic moment of life, in repose upon your fluffy and canopied deathbed, surrounded by your loved ones, wailing and rending their clothing, you will, without a doubt because the Ladies said so, be condemned by God and gasp out your shame for spending 4 years of your life learning and growing and living among people who are different from you. So go pound nails and throw a tea party.

    At least be honest Ladies. What this is all about is preventing children from learning that there is fulfilling life beyond their walls, and that there are good people everywhere. They might learn to think for themselves, and that’s just not tolerable.

  • Joy

    Don’t depend solely on libraries always being around for your free “book-learnin”. Budgets for libraries are being cut, which means less staff and less services available. (But while you are there, go on the computer and learn about the big wide world that’s out there!)

  • Joy

    I don’t get why team sports are forbidden. That will teach them how to work together…ooohh, maybe then boys and girls will learn to work together as a team to accomplish a task, which might lead to a marriage in which both partners treat each other as – gasp – EQUALS?! And we can’t have that now, can we?

  • AlisonCummins

    None of these things are incompatible with college. In fact, they all seem like the basics that people should take with them *to* college. (Well, marriage can be forgone as per Paul or personal preference, or delayed; it doesn’t usually combine well with college life.)

    Didn’t learn carpentry in high school? Take over a squat while you attend art school and learn wiring and plumbing as you make it habitable. Or frugally rent a closet to live in and make it over as a living space. Or work on construction sites during holidays.

    Didn’t learn to cook in high school? Learn to cook frugally for yourself and you can work up to feeding a crowd.

    This is just strange. I can only imagine that Renee Ellison never attended school beyond high school herself. I know many people are miserable in high school but post-secondary is different.

  • NeaDods

    This is a list that leads to a victorious life

    I can do most of that and I’ve got two degrees. Does this mean I’m victorious twice? Or three times, considering I can do a few things from the guy list too?

    More than that, I can spin and garden (if badly), not to mention quilt, make soap, knit, weave, and draft and clothing patterns from scratch. What kind of backwards survivalism thinks that plumbers, carpenters, and doctors will completely disappear “when the economy collapses” but the products of power plants, sawmills, steel mills, farms, and cloth factories will be easily available? Talk about straining at gnats and swallowing a camel – end skills are utterly *useless* without raw materials!

    I do notice, of course, that the men need “personal skill” while the women need only “rudimentary skill” – and then in some things that are relatively useless. Have fun with the massages, herbs, and essential oils if the kids catch polio! And while I’m being sarcastic – none of these people have noticed that the economy HAS collapsed? And that, just as in the Great Depression, the country does not, in fact, roll back to the stone age and the government disappear?

    I’m reminded of Gary North, howling loud and long that the government and all society would utterly collapse the morning of January 1, 2000, telling everyone who would listen to head for the hills and learn survival skills…

    … and then nothing happened. Not. One. Thing.

  • Tiffany McLeod

    I thought it was interesting that she advocated saving money in a bank account, only to then speak about the collapse of government and society. If you accept the premise that the government and society will collapse, it makes no sense to put your money in the bank: an institution which depends on the government and an orderly society in order to exist.

  • How are you supposed to read the Bible for an hour every day in between power walking, weight training, cooking for many, practicing rudimentary skills, bearing and raising Godly children, and doing everything else the helicopter parent tells them to? There are only so many hours in the day…

  • Baby_Raptor

    Anything to forcibly keep them in the bubble and Fucking the rest of us over…

  • teaisbetterthanthis

    Just don’t sleep. Sleep is for the wicked and wayward. Eight hours of getting nothing done AND having dreams that you SUPPOSEDLY have no control over???

  • Kristen Rosser

    Two things: there is nothing in any of this about what the young adult actually wants. They are still just “arrows” – tools for the parents’ use, ostensibly “for God” – but not people of their own. Do the parents who anticipate exercising such control not realize that the reason they can do so is that their own parents let them choose a life path? Do they see any contradiction in this?

    Secondly, I read the thing about “a shameful chapter of four years of close camaraderie with those who defied Him” with considerable bemusement, if not amusement. I spent the entire four years of my college experience in the grip of a campus-based coercive Christian organization. Nevertheless, the friendships I developed then were real and enduring. There are lots and lots of Christians and Christian groups even in secular colleges. Give me a break.

  • Nightshade

    Many of the items mentioned are useful-home maintenance, sewing, cooking, physical fitness, how to earn and manage money, reading-but they are beneficial to BOTH genders, not specifically male or female. I’m skeptical of the ‘alternative medicine’ thing beyond simple herbal remedies that can supplement real medicine, not take its place, and that whole ‘get them married’ goal, and none of that is a substitute for college with the possible exception of a wage-earning skill for those who can not or are not inclined to attend college.

  • Hannah

    “And choose some third world country: this will teach them to be grateful for any hard bed and any meager food, henceforth. Also, such a trip to such a land will make them give of their flesh to lift the load (in some meaningful way) of others who are less fortunate.”

    Am I the only person who read this as “Use developing countries and the people in them as props to force gratefulness out of your child”? Seriously, treat the people as people, not props to be used in your walk of piety. Visit the countries because you want to learn and help and CARE about the people, don’t just send your kids there in some kind of “Be grateful, d*mmit!” quest.

  • NeaDods

    It’s wildly inconsistent, what she advocates. So much of it unquestionably depends on a functioning society and infrastructure!

  • Saraquill

    Is it me, or is she equating Israel as an underdeveloped country? I seriously doubt it is…

    Also, why would she want to send impressionable young adults there? It’s full of non QFers. That country even has *gasp* Muslims and secular folk!

  • Periphrastic

    $100k in student loans later, at least some part of this doesn’t sound half bad, especially since I’m working personally on transitioning to a new career track in a self-study kind of way. But books are just as dangerous as college, don’t they know that? Not to mention Youtube, geez. For that matter, the Bible. Reading the Old Testament start to finish totally cracked open my faith in Biblical literalism. Encouraging young people to educate themselves in a self-directed way is dangerous–at least, to their world view.

  • KarenH

    Begin weight training with 1 pound weights? These *are* young adults we’re talking about here, not kindergartners, right? An otherwise healthy young woman should (once she’s mastered proper form, which should always be done WITHOUT weights) be able to use 3, 5 or 8 lb weights, depending on the muscle group she’s targeting.
    I kind of love the whole “on their deathbed” thing the author tried to push, tho. I can see it now, “Dear Lord, on my deathbed, I offer up my life to you as a tribute. I did my best to avoid all those icky, unsaved, unbelievers, all my life. Didn’t live among them; I certainly never TALKED to them or SOCIALIZED with them. I kept myself pure for your glory. Amen.” (cuz you know how Christ was all about staying away from the unclean, the unwashed and the unwanted.)

  • Lynette Joy

    Good Lord. Are these young people she is speaking to or 50 year olds ? How sad that they are so scared of education. Perhaps their teachings won’t hold up to scruting by educated , inquiring young minds.

  • lodrelhai

    This actually reminds me of a friend of mine who was planning for her first child. Her idea for teaching the kid generosity was that the day after Christmas and his birthday, he’d get to pick one present to keep, and then they’d take the rest down to Goodwill for children who didn’t have anything. Of course, this wasn’t something she actually did herself – she did regift stuff, but only the stuff she didn’t like or have a use for anyway. And she could not seem to understand that her child might also like or have a use for more than one of his gifts, nor how this might be insulting to the gift-givers.

    Fortunately this was one of several ideas for raising godly children that her husband vetoed as soon as he heard about it.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    Mostly Muslims and secular folk, actually…

    I think she meant “some third worldy country” in addition to Israel, though.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    Yeah, those were my thoughts exactly.

  • Petticoat Philosopher

    That also just seems cruel. If you want to demonstrate generosity to your children and teach them to be aware of and help less fortunate children, by all means, take them on a toy run to Good Will, or a food run to a soup kitchen or food pantry. Ask them to think hard about the things they really use and to consider donating the ones they don’t use to other children. Don’t wrap up things you fully intend on giving away and then give them to your kids, so they can open them up with delight (although I think they’d quickly unlearn that response, what fun!) and then have them taken away. WTF!

  • aim2misbehave

    Of course! Poverty tourism is totally the hot new thing right now…

  • Lynn

    Dang. Great way to foster resentment. When my kids each turned one, we anticipated mountains of gifts that the children would barely be aware of, so we just threw a great big fun barbecue and suggested if people really needed to mark the occasion with a gift, that it be directed to a particular organization that served underprivileged children in the community. When their rep came to load up all the gifts, she was telling me exactly where each one would go, because she knew the recipients personally. I loved that there was that connection. But now that my kids are old enough to care, they keep their gifts 🙂