Quoting Quiverfull: College Substitutes?

Quoting Quiverfull: College Substitutes? August 20, 2013

by Renee Ellison of Ladies Against Feminism and Homeschool How-Tos – College Substitutes

Here is a starter list of substitutes for “doing” college:

This is a list that leads to a victorious life.  So trained, your young adults will be truly prepared for real life that glorifies God.  When they review their lives in retrospect on their deathbeds they won’t see a shameful chapter of four years of close camaraderie with those who defied Him.

***Summit (have them attend either the full semester or the two week summer session).  They’ll learn to support their biblical world-view for the rest of their lives and learn how to think clearly through any new vain philosophy life will throw at them.

***Travel: At a bare minimum, choose a trip to Israel because it is the seat of the consummation of all things, and the center of the coming government in the kingdom.  And choose some third world country: this will teach them to be grateful for any hard bed and any meager food, henceforth.  Also, such a trip to such a land will make them give of their flesh to lift the load (in some meaningful way) of others who are less fortunate.

***Work at progressively conquering role appropriate domestic skills:

+ basic understandings and personal skill in carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, and car mechanics.  Get short-term personal apprentices in each area, supplemented by DVDs, books, and YouTube tutorials that help them check off the sub-skills of each discipline.  They are going to need these skills when the economy collapses.

+ basic skill in all tailoring so that they can do any alteration on their growing children’s clothing someday.  It will be too late to learn it when there are five little ones running around.

+ rudimentary skill in various alternative health modalities; some midwifery skills, massage skills (for relieving the elderly and the sick with comforting touch), herbology, use of essential oils, and first aid.

+ healthy cooking: conquer feeding a family for a week, solo, with no help from mama, and only serving up healthy, great-tasting fare.  Young ladies will have to do this, the week after they marry; they can either be prepared or flail around.  This, of course, after a prior month of much help from mama.  And, host a tea.  Aso, host a full meal for guests, while the guests are in the kitchen talking with you.  Do it.

***Get them physically fit.  Establish this as a habit.  If they are power-walking as a minimum every day, at the same time each day, their feet automatically will go out the door first thing in the morning or at 4 in the afternoon or in the evening, or, or…  Add weight training: begin with one-pound weights.  Do this.  Team sports is not it—but a lifetime habit of keeping oneself physically fit IS.

***Get them a wage-earning skill (via apprenticeship) and book-learnin’ (via the libraries of the world).

***Get them fiscally sound—i.e. saving ….having large bank accounts…growing these funds by the day.  As Proverbs says, “Wealth earned little by little.  The hand of the diligent will rule.”  Deliver them from ever being in debt, for anything, including a house.  Start their own family life living in an RV, if necessary.

***Get them reading an hour a day as a habit for the rest of their lives.  Get it established as a habit, by their doing it now.  Let four chapters in the Bible every day lead the way (that gets you through the Word in a year).  George Mueller read it 200 times, and look what he put on the ground because of it, feeding 10,000 orphans.  Flood the mind with scripture and it will direct the life.  It is a short leash on worldliness.  It will keep the soul in the right place.

***Get them down the marriage aisle, with the right spouse—a God-fearing one, so they can begin to raise up godly seed.  Subtly hover over this; embrace the worldly slur of being a “helicopter parent”!  You BET!  Do what you need to, to get your offspring linked with the right spouse.  Go to gatherings where the God-fearing ARE.  Make the effort.  Make friends with God-fearing families whose young adults are “possibilities.”

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