Quoting Quiverfull: Sexually Transmitted Demons?

Quoting Quiverfull: Sexually Transmitted Demons? August 2, 2013

Reverend Bob Larson’s teenaged daughter Brynne Larson in both Jezebel.com and Vice

  • “Satan can’t just go into anybody that he wants to. He has to have a legal right.”
  • You can catch demons from having sex prostitutes.
  • You can catch demons from being sexually abused.
  • Teen exorcists stay away from things like Harry Potter, witchcraft, violence, Twilight (mostly because the storyline is “not attractive at all”), really scary horror movies, and “sexual stuff.”
  • The teen exorcists were “crushed” by the death of Margaret Thatcher. She was an inspiration.

Full video at Vice.

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  • As a person who has been sexually abused, I am deeply insulted by this. To all others who have similar experiences: IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. I can’t stress this enough. By being sexually abused, you didn’t lose your virtue, your honor, or get a demon. It is bad enough being the victim, but when you add to this the guilt of being “no longer pure” by something out of your control? That’s criminal, and in my opinion, even worse than the abuse. Because the law can punish abusers. But it can’t punish the people that hurt victims with this ideology.

  • Nightshade

    As if HIV, herpes, and pregnancy aren’t enough to worry about…nope, we gotta add demon possession to the mix. Really??! Although I can’t convincingly argue the avoidance of Twilight. Ick.

  • Sameera Sheikh

    Point two is just victim blaming b*****ks
    Everything else is batshit crazy- apart from twilight thing, can’t argue with that
    Harry potter though? BLASPHEMY!!!

  • Trollface McGee

    Twilight is like the fundie holy grail of relationships. She’s a passive no-body with no ambitions except to be Mrs. Sparkles. She doesn’t stray from Mr. Sparkles even when tempted with Mr. Fuzzy. Everything she does, she does to support Mr. Sparkles in his battle to do supposedly important stuff. Having sex (while properly married) breaks her ribs but that’s ok, and then of course, she’s pregnant from her first time, nearly gets killed by the pregnancy but is totally fine with that too. Oh and Sparkles Jr. gets betrothed to Mr. Fuzzy at birth which is also totally fine.
    The vampires and werewolves are only there so it doesn’t seem as messed up as it is.

  • Nightshade

    Huh, I hadn’t really thought it through in precisely that way, but you’re right. If the characters weren’t blood-suckers and shapeshifters I bet the fundies would be all over it as ‘the way things ought to be!’

  • gimpi1

    Batshit crazy summed it up for me. Sameera. The whole idea that someone takes this kind of ranting seriously can do real damage. “Exorcists” like these kids can really mess people up, subjecting them to a form of ritual abuse, and pressuring them not to look at therapy or mental-health treatment. It would be funny if it werent’ so sad.

  • Saraquill

    Not to mention that not all venereal diseases are transmitted exclusively from sex. If you happen to have a disease due to say, having a congenital version of the illness does not make you a bad person either.

  • NeaDods

    Teen. Agers. Sheltered teenagers. THIS is what fundieworld thinks of as experts? Or is it only important because it’s being said by pretty white girls?

  • texcee

    Margaret Thatcher???? Say WHAT???

  • texcee

    I have found in my travels through life that people who look for Satan behind every bush usually find him. Fundies who believe wholeheartedly in this religious fantasy actively go looking for demons to blame their own shortcomings on and will turn the most innocent of things into their own interpretations of evil. Yes, I am not arguing that there is evil in the world, monstrous evil, but I truly doubt that there is a red, horned, cloven-hoofed, fork-tailed entity sitting somewhere below the surface of the earth, sending out minions to torment people who read Harry Potter books or watch “Twilight”. It’s all fantasy, every bit of it.