Quoting Quiverfull: The Cost of Raising Children?

Quoting Quiverfull: The Cost of Raising Children? August 27, 2013

by Brant Hansen (Christian DJ) at his Air1 blog

Of course, this whole “kids are too expensive” thing has a funny familiarity to it, and by “funny”, of course, I mean, “tragically unfunny”. It’s precisely where we are. And precisely why western civilization, demographically speaking, is most definitely, irreversibly, going out of business. The numbers don’t lie. As a culture, we simply love ourselves too much to burden ourselves with little versions of ourselves.

And then there are those who will continue to see children for what they are: Miracles and blessings. But they are now the counter-culture. The good news is, the counter-culture doesn’t just have drool on its carpet and a beater in the garage. It has a future, and that future is at a table, surrounded by the laughs and cries of our grandbabies.

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  • NeaDods

    *sigh*. And yet somehow housing, food, clothing, and education still end up costing money that doesn’t magically multiply even when the kids do.

  • The author didn’t even legitimatize any of the reasons why people say kids are expensive! Just “Other people are going to be lonely when they’re old…How sad for them.”

  • Baby_Raptor

    Managing to reproduce is not a miracle for most pairings. It’s something that happens biologically. A miracle is, by definition, something that is out of the physical realm of possibility and requires divine intervention.

    The word could be stretched for infertile couples and I wouldn’t complain. But for most people? No.

    I hate how easily fundies lie when it comes to twisting words.

  • Andi GreyScale

    “It has a future, and that future is at a table, surrounded by the laughs and cries of our grandbabies.”

    Unless your own kids decide to not have any kids of their own. Heh.

    “Other people’s kids are wonderful, joyful things, too. For one thing, you need them to retire”

    Holy crap, people who think that way gross me out.

  • Baby_Raptor

    And talk about entitlement. “Everyone should have as many kids as possible so when I need tax money to support me, there will be lots of workers paying it.”

    I bet you these same people piss and moan at the top of their lungs about how “welfare queens” and “lazy moochers” are breaking the country’s budget.

  • aim2misbehave

    Yet the American birth rate is still holding above the rate it needs to be at to keep the population stable… you don’t need to have six kids to avoid that.

    Plus, every time I hear that, I wonder *why* the author is so invested in the preservation of Western civilization. (Plus, with the rapid increase of globalization, what even is “Western civilization” going to look like in 100 years? Will it be that different from, say, Japan? Or the modernized parts of anywhere else in the world? I remember one of my friends who’s over here from Uganda for med school talking about a TV show that she watched “back home” and one of our mutual friends being absolutely floored that Uganda had its own TV industry, and didn’t just watch imported programs.

  • Theo Darling

    And as the grown child of a fearful, codependent woman who admits to this motivation for having kids (and sees it as a positive thing), I can tell you this bullshit is gonna hurt those kids. It will be used against them as a weapon to manipulate their emotions and make them feel guilty for wanting to live their own lives.

  • sam

    I can second that, except my Mother (STILL) says “You never had a babysitter when you were a child so you can’t ever put me and your Dad in a home”