Sunday Shout Out – Is it ‘Sinful’ to Take Time For Yourself?

Sunday Shout Out – Is it ‘Sinful’ to Take Time For Yourself? August 18, 2013

Nancy Campbell has stated in yesterday and today’s Quoting Quiverfull that it’s selfish to take time for yourself or to stop and pamper yourself as a mother and wife in any way. No going out for a blissful massage and pedicure, no going to the local gourmet coffee shop to drink coffee and read a book, no going off to something ‘adult’ like a book club. It’s all sacrifice all the time in the perfect world of motherhood Nancy espouses.

How realistic is this do you think this is, dear readers? Is it good or harmful to need time away from the daily grind? Post your thoughts below or send me your posting on this subject to my address CaluluNLQ(at)gmail(dot)com. I’ll post the responses to this question on Thursday. Be as long or as brief as you like.

(Editor’s note: Sorry the above photo looks so hostile but I wanted to pay homage to the final season of “Breaking Bad” and Walter White. It is one of the best examples of how the average guy can morph into a monster when he gets his hands on money and power.)

Comments open below

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