Laughter is Good Medicine: Connecting the President to the Religious Right

Laughter is Good Medicine: Connecting the President to the Religious Right October 13, 2013

Another posting on playing the 5 Degrees game, sometimes known as the Kevin Bacon game, that links two very different people, places or things within 5 steps.

Because of the government shutdown that is affecting many people throughout the country today’s linkage is between President Barack Obama and the Religious Right, two very close to opposite positions.

The pictures I’m using to illustrate my point are supposed to be parody, most used from recent Mad magazine postings on Facebook. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Obama confronting the problems of our nation, including lack of healthcare

Barack Obama, President of the United States. Hated by Fundies for being a different race or a Mooslim or just because he’s not their party, the answer changes. One of the first projects he starts working on is the Affordable Care Act, a plan for those without access to health insurance or health care options. It becomes the law of the land.

John Boehner just never gives up trying to end ACA

The Teaparty forms and one of the first things they take aim at is the ACA. Even as prominent career politicians try everything in their power to stop ACA , including taking it to the Supreme Court. nothing works. It’s the law of the land.

The Conservatives try everything to stop the ACA until they are out of options. So they try a ‘Hail Mary’ pass by getting a newbie Teapartist politician Ted Cruz (darling of the Religious Right) to grandstand and filibuster for over 20 hours leading to a government shutdown. Yes, the government budget is held hostage by an ideological party to defund healthcare insurance access for everyone, even though it is now law and been implemented.

This woman wants to make sure no one has reproductive rights.

Michelle Bachman is one of the most beloved politicians of the Religious Right, even if she has the nerve to work in a man’s job outside of the home. She self-identifies as an Evangelical and has been described as ‘extremely excited’ about the government shutdown.
Typical responses as to why ACA is wrong.
Cartoon by Mad magazine contributor Monte Wolverton

The same people that hate the ACA and love the government shutdown also claim to love Michelle Bachman and Jesus……

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