Quoting Quiverfull: More Love Via More Babies?

Quoting Quiverfull: More Love Via More Babies? October 13, 2013

by Michelle Duggar from ABC News – Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Trying For Baby Number 20

“My daughter, Jill, said to us, ‘Mom, Dad, I don’t understand why people would say that. Love really, truly multiplies…it doesn’t divide. When you have more people in the family, there is that many more people to spread love all around!'” she said. “I think Jill said it very wisely; love does multiply. It’s a joy, because there are that many more people and that much more love in the house!”

She also scoffs at the idea that she’s contributing to overpopulation, calling the concept “overrated.”

“I think that there is this ideology that goes behind overpopulation that I don’t really agree with. It’s a different perspective and that’s where people have their different ideas, and that’s okay,” she said. “That’s what makes the world go around; there are many different ideas and different perspectives about certain topics.”

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  • I don’t think many people really argue that love multiplies. Time, resources, funding, and energy don’t multiply.

  • Edie Moore McGee

    I was one of several kids, and it’s true that love multiplies. Fortunately, the several kids were all smart, diligent, motivated people who didn’t need much in the way of extra pushing. Some of that I’d chalk up to pretty good parenting, but I also think we hit the genetic jackpot for all of us in terms of personalities and abilities. Not every set of parents is that lucky. Some kids take more resources that others. It’s hard to say definitively which choice is right until you’re in the middle of it and see hat you have to work with.

  • Madame

    This is true.

  • Saraquill

    Dating divides love and takes it away, but pile upon piles of children increases it?

  • Saraquill

    Nor does toilets in the house, in many cases.

  • seculargal

    Whenever one of these Quiverfull families makes this claim, I think of the five Yates children, whose mother Andrea in her post-partum psychosis drowned them one by one to their deaths. So, um, love multiplies with more kids? Even when the doctors tell you & your wife to stop having children because your wife is getting sicker and sicker with each new baby? Even then?

  • texcee

    When Michelle Duggar talks the nonsense about overpopulation being a myth, I would invite her to visit any of the slums in Mumbai or Calcutta or Rio de Janiero or Mexico City or any major city in the world, then explain to me how God’s plan for humanity involves the continuous reproduction that outstrips all the resources this planet can provide.

  • AbeSimpson742

    My question exactly Saraquill! I’d love to hear the mental gymnastics needed to rationalize this.

  • Nea

    Wouldn’t she just have to look at the crowding and deprivation in her own home before the TV money started rolling in?

  • Lauren Borrero

    Yeah a lot of cities are over populated. I think another reason why there isn’t enough food to go around is because some of the higher ups there could careless. But that’s my opinion.

  • Theo Darling

    No two people are guaranteed to like each other simply by virtue of being immediate family. And it does feel right to use “like” in this case rather than “love” (although that is equally true), because my psyche still bears scars from years of hearing, “I love you, but I don’t like you!” and its variant “None of your siblings like you!” Thanks, Mom! “Love” has never felt so demoralizing.

  • mayarend

    Then you didn’t pray enough /irony

  • Christopher Johnson

    Who cares what it’s like in Mumbai or Calcutta or Rio de Janiero or Mexico City? My having one child or fifteen will have literally zero effect on them. In first world countries, we have to deal with an aging and/or an increasingly unintegrated immigrant population, which is solved by… oh, that’s right, more native born and properly enculturated citizens.

  • gimpi1

    Actually your choices regarding children do have an effect. We in the first world use much of the world’s resources, contributing to all kinds of environmental problems and worldwide shortages and poverty.

    Also, I don’t get your “unintegrated” and “properly enculturated citizens” remark. Most immigrants I know are quite capable of taking up the load as citizens. They don’t need to look or sound like me to do that.

    An aside, is “enculturated” a word? My spell-check doesn’t recognize it.