Quoting Quiverfull: The Grim Harvest of Safe Sex?

Quoting Quiverfull: The Grim Harvest of Safe Sex? October 28, 2013

Safe Sex, an urban legend

by Jay Younts of Shepherd Press – As Romans says, the truth of God has been exchanged for a lie. In this case, the lie is that there is safe sex outside of marriage. For example, a young couple, using certain types of contraceptives, may, in fact, prevent the spread of a certain type of disease or infection or a pregnancy. But what about the spiritual damage that is being done every time this young couple engages in “protected” sexual activity.  Their very souls are laid open to be ravaged by lies, deceit and insecurity. They are being wounded with wounds that may never heal.  They will learn the fleeting enticements of self-pleasure instead of the treasures of sensitivity and self-less love.  Relationships that have “protected” sex are plagued with fear, doubt, and even multiple forms of abuse.  Divorce rates are up, spousal and domestic abuse is rampant, and abortions are considered to be a necessary part of life. This is the grim harvest of safe sex.

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