Quoting Quiverfull: Feminism is Killing God?

Quoting Quiverfull: Feminism is Killing God? November 18, 2013

by Nancy Campbell posted at Above Rubies – The Power of Womanhood

Dear wives and mothers, we have the great privilege and power to reveal God to the world. God has created us female to reveal a certain image of His character. He has chosen us to reveal His mothering and nurturing anointing to our families and to the world. He created us to be bear children. He created us to be mothers. As we embrace who we are, we not only fulfill our destiny but bring glory to our Creator.

On the other hand, we can mar the image of God in the world. We make our choice. Read the self-confessed words of one who chooses to dishonor the image of God. Naomi Goldenberg writes, “All feminists are making the world less and less like the one described in the Bible and are thus helping to lessen the influence of Christ and Yahweh on humanity. We women are going to bring and end to God. As we take positions in government, in medicine, in law, in business, in the arts and finally, in religion, we will be the end of Him. We will change the world so much that He won’t fit any more.”

May God save us from compromising and being sucked into society’s image of womanhood which is the opposite to God’s plan. Let’s joyfully embrace our motherhood and femininity and bring more and more of God into this world.

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  • He has created us to be bear children! Growwll! (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  • KarenH

    Some omnipotent, omniscient god their god is. When women can kill him just by getting jobs.

  • Nea

    You beat me to it.

  • Trollface McGee

    Does that mean that we are just afterthoughts and that rabbits were the beings truly created in the image of God?

  • Trollface McGee

    I have a real problem with this idea of God. God made us with hands to create great works of art or to practise medicine with, with ears to hear the concerns of others and brains to process all that information to do stuff with. If God made women solely for the purpose of babies – we would be walking uteruses, perhaps with some sort of sweeping and cooking capacity – furthermore, like the House Elves in Harry Potter, we would naturally have no desire besides serving men and making babies – we don’t (though that might have something to do with the mass proliferation of socks into society)

  • Saraquill

    How pious can she be, when she has such a dim view of her deity?

  • KarenH

    It’s very closely related to just how much should we be respecting the kind of menfolk who get their fee-fees so hurted that their wimmen can’t leave the kitchen or disagree with them?

  • texcee

    To me the whole concept of woman being created as a “helpmeet” to man was to be his equal, but more. She bears and raises his children, prepares his food, keeps his shelter, but she also works alongside him in the field, helps support financially and materially their home, and generally acts as his other half. But she is much more than that — artist, musician, teacher, creator, and the seeker of the soul. The Judeo/Christian outlook is seriously warped and one-sided. It seeks to take this feminism from the balance — yin and yang. The feminine is also a part of God, not exclusively the masculine.

  • The feminine is part of God in other Judeo-Christian outlooks. Just not this one.

  • There’s no room in Nancy’s religion for a woman with a job. To other forms of religion, that would be one of God’s ways of providing.

    In any event, by Nancy’s definition the Proverbs 31 woman is destroying the image of God. She had her own business, bought her own land, and no doubt competed with men in these trades. So I would hardly consider Nancy representative of all of Christianity.

  • Lynette Joy

    I guess this is just another major, world changing sin we are resposible for. So much evil in us women folk 🙂

  • Lauren Borrero

    Thank you!

  • Ha, ha! ;-D

  • Did you notice that Nancy Campbell and Naomi Goldenberg actually agree? They both say God can only flourish in a world where women stay at home, and not when women live out their talents/ gifts all over society. They have the same view of what God and Christianity is like.
    I disagree with both.

  • mayarend

    As Hulk would say… “Puny God”.