Quoting Quiverfull: Under State Authority?

Quoting Quiverfull: Under State Authority? November 9, 2013

by Cindy from Get Along Home – You Want a Christian Nation?

Christian public school parents, your children are not under your authority. If you think they are, try walking into their classrooms unannounced and directing them to do jumping-jacks all the way out the door to the car. Not only would you be escorted from the premises for disrupting class, your child herself would look at you as if you were insane, and then she would disobey you. Instead, she’d look to her teacher to get her out of this crazy situation. This would happen not because you’re insane, but because she recognizes the authority of the state above your own. (Though you obviously are insane. I mean, really. Jumping jacks, mom? But you’re still her parent, and she is still sinning when she disobeys you.)

But let’s have a less absurd example. Just go try to withdraw your child from school for a month of doing whatever you want to do. No explanation, no doctor’s note, no emergency. You just want to be with your child this month. See what the principal says about that. The very fact that you have to ask permission from a stranger who has no moral right to tell you what to do with your own child, rather than being able to politely and quickly retrieve your child, ought to tell you all you need to know.

Why do you think that putting your children under the teaching of the secular state for the “smaller” truths—the three r’s, health and PE, history—can be done safely and in such a way that they can still recognize the moral and spiritual authority of Christ in their day-to-day walk, when they can’t even recognize the authority of their own parents anymore?

Your children, when they go to public school, are not yours. So, then, whose are they? I know a lot of Christians are going to pipe up and say, “They’re Jesus’s!” But are they? I know from examining the last couple of generations’ fruit that most of them are emphatically not. They have no thought of Jesus, except as a little god in their pocket that they can pull out whenever they get out of class. You know, if they need him.  He is, by the very nature of the public school lifestyle, peripheral and private.

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