Merry Christmas: Open Thread

Merry Christmas: Open Thread December 24, 2013

Until Thursday morn NLQ will be taking a breather to spend time with family and friends. In the meantime may we present a mega Quoting Quiverfull with links to all the ways our usual line up of pontificating fundamentalists think we should be celebrating the holiday.

Plus a question to think about and post in the thread. How has the holiday season changed for you after leaving whatever former faith you were part of. Is is better? Worst? No difference? What holiday do you celebrate?

Discuss whatever you want in the comments this holiday season and have a wonderful time with your family and friends!

Jay Younts of Shepherd Press – Why Merry Christmas

Nancy Campbell has been uber busy spreading the guilt this holiday season.

Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies – Heads Up

First Corinthians 13 Adapted for Christmas

How Did He Come?

Christmas Filling

Mr. Campbell of Meat For Men is too busy flogging the whole ‘homosexual agenda’ thing to sound off on Christmas.

Ladies Against Feminism is suspiciously silent on the holidays

John Piper of Desiring God – World, Get With the Program: Joy! Joy! Joy!

Michael and Debi Pearl are also silent on the holiday, except to point out that their books would make dandy Christmas presents along with asking for donations.

Comments open below

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  • persephone

    My parents became Jehovah’s Witnesses when I was 12, so giving up Christmas and birthdays was probably a bigger shock to me than my sisters who were 5 and 7 years younger. Once I left home and was disfellowshipped, I celebrated Christmas as most Americans do, without any belief in it as Christ’s birthday celebration, but as a tradition. Lately, it’s become something I dread. My life is so full: single mom, busy job with long commute, psycho ex, that just getting through the day to day is difficult.

    Part of it may be because I live in an area that doesn’t normally get snow or even that cold in the winter (daytime temps have been in the low sixties, nighttime in the mid forties), and there’s such a cultural mix here that you don’t see a lot of Christmassy stuff. No carolers. Few store displays.

    I’ve also found myself rejecting anything Christianity related much more vehemently with the rise in power of the fundagelicals and their influence on government.

    I’m Pagan but I’m not Wiccan or base my life on the wheel of the year, so the sabbats don’t have meaning for me either.

    Frankly, I’ve reached a point where all I want to do is get it over with and move on. A lot of my friends, no matter their religious background, don’t seem to find joy in it either.

  • lodrelhai

    In some ways my holidays are worse now. While I’ve left Fundamentalism behind, I currently live with my parents, and my mother is a die-hard Fundie of the first order. She also has a volatile temper, and reacts very poorly to stress. As long as I’m here I don’t dare give her any sign that I am no longer Christian, or that I’m bi, or that I have a girlfriend, etc. So the holiday season is a lot of pretending I’m celebrating for the same reasons she is, and a lot of trying to diffuse household tensions before she explodes.

    But I’m currently looking into assisted living options, and there’s a promising place near friends of mine who know and accept all the things about me my mom doesn’t. So I’ve high hopes that next year I’ll be in my own place and celebrating the things I think are important for the season.

  • Nea

    Well, this atheist is packing her car to head to her folks tomorrow, in high spirits over a friend’s open house tonight and a feast with family on the morrow. I’m probably going to be belting out Christmas carols the entire drive up and back, because I enjoy the music as much as I enjoy the wrapping and the trees and the lights.

    But I still see it as just an evolution of Yule and Saturnalia. As Doctor Who says – halfway through the dark!

    PS – I think it’s just hilarious that Campbell has had people arguing over whether there should be celebrations or not in her blog. Humanity has been partying to drive the dark away since we figured out what a solstice was.