Quoting Quiverfull: All Power Given by God to Families?

Quoting Quiverfull: All Power Given by God to Families? December 16, 2013

by R. J. Rushdooney from CRI – Christian Families on the Edge

“All the basic governmental powers in society, save one, the death penalty, have been given [by God] to the family, not to the state nor to the church.…A mark of anti-Christianity is the move to strip the family of these powers.”

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  • Edie Moore McGee

    Well … I guess I have taxation power. Oh. How. Fun! I can tax all ya’ll to pay off my mortgage and buy a new Lexus and take that round-the-world cruise and …. Thanks, R.J.!

  • Brennan

    [Citation needed]

  • Nea

    Riiiiiiight. In a loving Christian world, there are no food safety laws or worker safety regulations, then? Individual families get to mop up after disasters and ward off terrorist attacks?

    And then they wonder why it’s more than just us heathen looking at a world like that and going “no way in hell.”

  • Well then, I’d like to talk to a few families about a certain highway…

  • Trollface McGee

    And shockingly, every society, including every society that existed in Biblical times had some sort of government that wasn’t the family. I guess families had those powers back then and didn’t want them because putting individuals in charge of large building projects or criminal regulation tends to end up in a mess.
    But yeah….blah, blah, persecution, blah, blah, gumbent taking away powers we never had and never wanted.

  • texcee

    You know, I don’t like Canada all that much. I think my family will declare war.

  • Rachel Heston-Davis

    W-what? WHAT? What?????? Besides the obvious logical fallacy here, I just have to ask, why is the death sentence the one exception?

  • Nightshade

    You betcha. After all, Israel wasn’t a democracy, or a theocracy, or anything like that, they were entirely under individual family rule, right?…right? Huh, why isn’t that what my Bible says?

  • Saraquill

    If G-d gave these government powers, what does taht say about the Buddhist or animist countries?

  • A little more context is needed here. What is he even saying? I don’t get it.

  • Trollface McGee

    Which I don’t even think is true, I believe there’s a few instances in the Bible where it’s perfectly fine to administer the death penalty yourself.

  • Nichelle Wrenn

    When Mr. Rushdooney says “family” doesn’t he just mean husband? I mean it’s not like women or kids or even singe men in this case have any rights.

  • Catherine

    Given the sad fate of some homeschooled and abused kids, I’m not sure that some people got the memo that the death penalty is off the table.

  • gimpi1

    What I find even more frightening than Mr. Rushdooney’s ideas is how many of them – home-schooling, patriarchy, taxes-as-theft, the U.S. as a Christian nation – that have become mainstream right-wing positions. The man’s dangerous beliefs are contagious.

  • Several citations.

    1) What powers are “All the basic governmental powers in society”? List them.
    2) For each item on that list, give a citation where it is given to families.
    3) Cite how you know the church and state does not have the powers in the list.

  • I think the opposite, even from my recollection of OT law.