Quoting Quiverfull: Always Busy?

Quoting Quiverfull: Always Busy? December 27, 2013

by Pam Forster at Homeschooling Today – Lessons from the Ant

What would these ants say if they ever stopped their work long enough to watch the children in that kitchen?

“Why isn’t that boy cleaning up this mess?”

“Why is that lady putting all the food away by herself? Why doesn’t someone help her?”

“It’s going to take that girl a long time to wash those dishes if she keeps leaving before she’s done.”

There’s a boy who’s working hard. He’s obeying God, just like we are.”

“Why doesn’t everyone just do his work? Don’t they know they will please God by cheerfully cleaning up this kitchen and helping each other?”

“Hurry! The dog’s cleaning up our crumbs under the table!”

What would the ants see in your household? Would they offer some lessons to teach your children?

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