Quoting Quiverfull: Apostates Lack Love?

Quoting Quiverfull: Apostates Lack Love? December 13, 2013
Image from the Hollywood Gay Pride festivities.

by Kevin Swanson at Generations With Vision – Troll Spews, Silly Women and Sons of Belial on the Internet

Too many of these folks love the world of lust and flesh and they hate their brothers (or don’t love them very much, anyway).  Technically, it’s supposed to be the other way around. The Bible wants us loving our brothers, hating the world of lust and flesh, and hating the lust and flesh stuff that corrupts the brother.  It’s the third part of this that’s the hardest to track down. And yes, you can get too picky with your brother.  Matthew 7:1-4 applies.  Maturity enables judgment. Immaturity disables moral judgment (2 Cor. 10:6).

Church people in apostasy are usually gravitating towards the Hollywood gay-pride thing (ie. lust of flesh and pride of life), while at the same time they work very hard to create as much dissension between brothers in the church as they can.  They’ll separate chief friends if they can, hoping to the devil these friends won’t pick up the phone to call each other (and work it out). You can sniff these folks out pretty good, if your sniffer is calibrated/sanctified.  Most worldly types just love the lust-pride thing, and they could care less about Christians, unless the Christians are bugging them about their lust-pride thing.

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