Quoting Quiverfull: College ‘Too Rigid’ For Homeschoolers?

Quoting Quiverfull: College ‘Too Rigid’ For Homeschoolers? December 22, 2013
Veal in a box is less ‘protected’ than the average homeschooler

by Mary Pride of Homeschool World – The Future of College

After years of educational freedom, homeschoolers are bound to feel unsettled by the rigid schedules, arbitrary course requirements, and unnecessary obstacles to education that have become part of the American college years. Too, many homeschooled high-school graduates are only 16 or 15 years old. Kids and parents alike may feel uneasy at the thought of sending a kid this age across the country to live on his or her own in a co-ed dorm in the land of keg parties and date rape.

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  • Nea

    Unless you’d been sent away to boarding school for high school and already knew how to deal with living in your own… Really, college life was a doddle for me after that. And it is possible to just not go to keg parties. Or do drugs. Knowing it exists doesn’t mean that kids go find it. Unless, y’know, they have some reason to feel that they’re suddenly off a leash!

    Also, someone who cannot tolerate even part time life with rigid scheduling, stupid rules, and obstacles is, in fact, a kid who is WOEFULLY unprepared to deal with real life. Not only will all of those be found in just about any job (even working for yourself has obstacles and gov’t rules), at least two and probably all three will come into play if you end up trying to deal with any corporation. Like getting your phone line changed or installing cable or even looking for a job.

  • texcee

    So, homeschoolers can’t handle the “rigidity” and “arbitrary” requirements of college? College is easy compared to other aspects of Real Life. Maybe the girls are expected to stay home and have babies, but the boys are going to have to find a way to support themselves (and presumably their child brides and all those kids). Pardon me while I laugh uproariously.

  • Saraquill

    “Go to college, get raped.” I should be shocked that she said that, but largely I feel disgust.

  • Trollface McGee

    Learning how to handle deadlines and manage schedules are tasks children should learn way before college. In fact, the main reason a lot of students have trouble in their first few semesters is because they haven’t had to do that without parental supervision.
    Oh and generally, parents don’t send their kids to college to party (don’t even get me started on the “date rape” stuff) – they send them so they learn course material and to become independent, and manage schedules and deadlines because they’ll need that in the real world. Even a stay-at-home parent needs to be able to do those kinds of things.

  • Nea

    Dontcha know, the only true freedom is to be completely ignorant and sheltered!

    …or not…

  • Nea

    She really tipped her hand on that one, didn’t she?

  • Nea

    What gets me is the implication that the kids will *inevitably* party and be raped. Funny, I’ve made it through two degrees — and dated — without ever getting wasted or molested. (And again – the conflation of a conscious choice of the kid with a crime perpetrated on the kid.)

  • texcee

    Hmmm, let’s see … I spent three years at a junior college, then two more at a university to finish my bachelor’s degree. I took post-grad classes, plus continuing ed classes, plus night classes, plus weekend classes on various interests. Overall, I was in college for nearly 30 years, off and on. Never once did I attend a kegger or get date raped. I DID make some lifelong friends, expand my intellectual universe, and enjoy myself immensely. What does Mary Pride think college is — “Animal House”? Toga, toga, toga…

  • It’s all: “If your children go somewhere, they may sin(keg parties) or get hurt. (Date rape)”
    Fact: Living in this world, with people exercising choices, means there are chances to sin or get hurt. (If you are an unbeliever, replace “sin” in this sentence with “doing wrong, towards others or yourself.”)
    Yet, it is a woefully inadequate education that do not prepare children for living in this world. And God placed us in the world for a reason. For all the QF talk of changing the culture, they seem woefully unwilling to let their adults of any age engage in it: Youths should stay at home and not go to college. Women should stay at home. Men should have their own businesses and not work for anyone else.
    This is based on fear, and fear leaves no room for love.

  • Foo

    How does a person reconcile:

    1. Parent your child my way and they will never change.


    2. The moment they are not under direct control they will go do [horrible stuff]


    3. I am not a complete failure of a parent

  • Nea

    Don’t ask me, I wonder the same thing!

  • Mermaid Warrior

    Rigid schedules? Great thing about college is, I get to pick my classes, and for many I even get to choose from different times.

    But anyway. If college schedules are too much for homeschool kids, how on earth would they handle anything else? It’s not like most bosses give you a ton of freedom in choosing your own hours. If you’re late a lot, or miss many days for no reason, you get fired. If you can’t make the deadline for some work, again, you’re fired. Hell, even outside of academic and job environments, those skills are important. The bit about the keg parties shows what her real concern is.

    But just as well, just because a kid goes to college doesn’t mean s/he HAS to go to keg parties, or that everyone will try to pressure him/her into going. If you’re so confident that you raised your kids so perfectly, they should know to hold up against peer pressure and not give into temptations. Or is your whole ideology so weak that it completely falls apart when in contact with opposing views and lifestyles?