Quoting Quiverfull: Feminists Hate Women?

Quoting Quiverfull: Feminists Hate Women? December 29, 2013

by Paul Washer as quoted by Ladies Against Feminism – Recovering Womanhood

And we’re also a society that hates women. Now you say, “Yeah, those male chauvinists, they hate women,” No, women hate women.

The people that hate women more than anyone else on this planet are feminists.

They hate women. They want women to be men. They don’t want them to be women. And any woman who says, “I believe that it is my desire, to be in my home, to raise godly children, to support my husband in the endeavors that he has to go through in order to provide for our family. Any woman who does that is considered a failure in our society. She’s looked down upon and I know that from personal experience. I know the things that my wife has suffered. The things that people have said because you know they say, “Why don’t you help your husband?” and she says, “Well, I do.” “No, I mean why you don’t go get a job. You know as a minister he doesn’t make that much money, you could provide other things you could…”

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