Quoting Quiverfull: Feminists Hate Women?

Quoting Quiverfull: Feminists Hate Women? December 29, 2013

by Paul Washer as quoted by Ladies Against Feminism – Recovering Womanhood

And we’re also a society that hates women. Now you say, “Yeah, those male chauvinists, they hate women,” No, women hate women.

The people that hate women more than anyone else on this planet are feminists.

They hate women. They want women to be men. They don’t want them to be women. And any woman who says, “I believe that it is my desire, to be in my home, to raise godly children, to support my husband in the endeavors that he has to go through in order to provide for our family. Any woman who does that is considered a failure in our society. She’s looked down upon and I know that from personal experience. I know the things that my wife has suffered. The things that people have said because you know they say, “Why don’t you help your husband?” and she says, “Well, I do.” “No, I mean why you don’t go get a job. You know as a minister he doesn’t make that much money, you could provide other things you could…”

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  • Saraquill

    (sarcasm) He’s speaking the truth. Wanting bodily autonomy, financial independence and the same legal rights as men are all signs of hatred.(end sarcasm)

  • I have met nobody in my life who hate women for wanting to stay at home – unless we see their family financially suffering because of it. I believe it is perfectly fine to sort out with your spouse what (two salary, one salary, even temporarily living off savings or charity while one partner is ill and need help from the other) arrangement works for you.
    If this is a wife or husband at home while the spouse go to work, the only people I know who oppose it are those who call corporate wives with stay at home husbands “man fails.” And the only people who oppose a woman’s choice about this oppose women who earn money outside the home, and those are not feminists. The idea that some people (except perhaps a few radicals nobody takes seriously) oppose the choice of staying at home for women as a rule, is projection from those who oppose the opposite.

  • Trollface McGee

    I’ve heard this “feminists hate women/men” screed for years… but it always looks to me as the fundies are the ones that are doing most of the hating. They hate women making decisions for themselves. They hate women having ownership of their own bodies. They hate the idea that a woman has legal standing in society. They also don’t like men very much either. Men are either sex-crazed beasts or fragile little boys who fall apart at the slightest criticism.

    I don’t know any women who are considered “failures” for staying at home with their kids (unless they’re abusing/neglecting them). But I have heard countless preachers call men failures(and worse) for being stay-at-home dads.

  • Madame

    I don`t feel hated, but sometimes I feel like my work (and the work of countless other mothers) is underestimated.
    Why is it always an either – or question? Many mothers I know (even conservative Christian ones) have part-time jobs. Some men have been able to go back to school because their wives held down jobs to keep the roof over their heads, food on the table, and utility bills paid. Some couples work part-time each and share in the child-rearing responsibilities on every level.

    I think it’s best for both parents to have access to an income, deal with money issues, and be responsible for the children.

    ETA: The notion that a person is only productive if they are earning money is wrong. The notion that a woman is only supporting her husband by staying at home is wrong, and the notion that she only helps him by getting a job is also wrong.

  • Allison the Great

    Feminism doesn’t force women to go out and get jobs. It just says that being a mom and staying home with the kids, being the “helpmeet” (I loathe that term by the way) is not our only option. All feminism does is give women the same opportunities that men have, and we get to make the same choices that men do. It just means that we’re not property, we can be financially independent without having to lean on a man.
    I have never viewed a stay-at-home mom as a failure. The women that I have met that are staying at home with their kids seem really happy and I like to see that. They’re doing it because they want to do it and because they can, and that’s great! The only thing that I don’t like about women in the home is if that’s not their choice. I don’t like it when fundamentalists use religion and gender to tell a person what they can do with their lives. I don’t like Patriarchal fundamentalists that don’t listen to or care about the aspirations of their daughters and won’t them go to college if the girl wants to go. I don’t like men making choices for women. Men should not choose how a woman lives her life, the woman should be allowed to make that choice for herself.

  • persephone

    Have you noticed with all these fundagelicals that their personal experience applies to everyone and everything? “I experienced this and this is how I [view/handled] it, and it absolutely is the way you should [view/handle] this situation which you are guaranteed to run into, because it absolutely happens this way to everyone.”

    Worldwide, men only provide 20% of the labor, yet they hold 90% of the wealth. Women work. They have always worked. They just don’t get paid for it. There is little appreciation for women’s work, whether in or out of the home. Studies show that whatever men participate in is viewed as more valuable and worthy of respect, even if it’s sitting in the city gates passing judgment. Patriarchy is the underpinning of this screwed up belief system.

  • Brennan

    And in this particular case, it wasn’t even real personal experience, but rather a man co-opting his wife’s personal experience as his own.

  • Nea

    I’m the first one to point out the problem with a *man* talking about what goes on in *women’s* lives? I mean, there’s 2/3 the problem right there. Waaahhhh! People are mean to my wife… and nevermind what a complete tin-plated bastard I am to women who don’t behave the way *I* want!

    Especially as his problem appears to be people encouraging his wife to help with the family finances. Someone a little insecure in his ability to keep her financially dependent provide?

  • Nea

    Yeah, he might as well yell “People are putting ideas in the head of my property! Why do women hate my wife?”

  • Trollface McGee

    It wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out that this “condemnation” came out of a conversation where his wife was complaining about either their lack of money or her being bored/annoyed at being a SAHM.

  • texcee

    The only people who hate women are patriarchal fundies (no matter what religion they’re practicing) who want to rank women as cattle, slaves and property, who want to keep them from becoming human beings with a brain and the ability to use it, and who feel threatened by women who have achieved that goal.

  • Allison the Great

    I hate that the view women as property and I hate the stupid reasons they give for not letting their wives go out and work.

    “Oh, what if she gets yolked with unbelievers? Her mind is too frail for exposure to the secular humanists! They could influence her and put their demons in her mind” Bitch please! If your wife *cough* property *cough* is that gullible perhaps you should have let her get a better education so that she could learn to think for herself

    “She would be under the headship of another man” So?

    “Women can be led to sin more easily than a man” BULLSHIT. I know that is not true from just being alive and having eyeballs. I’ve known men who can never make good decisions and can be led to “sin”. I hate that one of all. It implies that women have more of a sinful nature than men, and that we need to be kept under wraps, and as I’ve said before, that is bullshit.

  • Bob the Lunatic

    take note that they are christian notions, and like most of them, wrong.

  • Bob the Lunatic

    they havent figured out that pesky name issue though…

  • Bob the Lunatic

    I must chime in: Did you know the homemaker in your average “traditional” marriage (not about gays-about not divorcing) works 15 years more than he by reitrement? and then…. DOESNT RETIRE!!! Until he dies.