Quoting Quiverfull: Abortion Targets Reducing Minority Populations?

Quoting Quiverfull: Abortion Targets Reducing Minority Populations? January 30, 2014

by Voddie Baucham posted at Ladies Against Feminism – Voddie Baucham on Abortion, Adoption and President Obama

It’s beyond acceptable. It’s normalized to even celebrate it so that is a big difference between my life and a lot of lives that don’t even get to begin today…abortion is such a kind word. It’s the annihilation of life and I am grieved by that. I am also grieved the absolute ignorance of many people who are targeted by abortionists. Black women make up around 11% of the population but a third or more of the abortions of black and Hispanic women combined, around a quarter of the population, more than half the abortions. In major cities in the US, more than half of all pregnancies of black women end in abortion. We’ve been targeted since the onset Before planned parenthood and Margaret Sanger’s negro project, we’ve been targeted by abortionists. And now to see black people flock to a party who’s platform and history has been dead set on their annihilation boggles my mind.

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  • Allison the Great

    I’m skeptical of any figures these people give because of their tendencies to make things up and pull things out of their ass to further their forced birth agenda. I mean if you are against abortion – and it’s understandable that you would be – just say it, but don’t make things up like Lila Rose did or fabricate statistics to scare people into agreeing with you and you shouldn’t try to make a very difficult choice that much harder. Like I said, I want to hear this from a different more reliable source than LAF then I’ll believe it.

    And why the fuck do they have to bring up Obama every fucking day? I get they hate the guy, he’s the antichrist what the fuck ever but goddammit give it a rest! There’s another election in 2 years, and then they’ll love/hate whoever takes his place. I’m tired of their histrionics and their crap when it comes to President Obama.

  • Catherine

    Perhaps they should be concerned about WHY these women are seeking abortion instead of complaining that they’re supposedly being targeted? Doctors aren’t forcing women to have abortions, bad circumstances are.

  • Nea

    Is this supposed to be about abortion or Democrats? Because it takes a sudden left turn there.

    I’ve escorted women not of my race into the clinics, and heard screams of “Black genocide! Black genocide!” (Very convincing quiet concerned “sidewalk counseling” there.) So much concern that minority women give birth. So little concern about the zillions of other inequalities faced by the woman.

    At least the guy saying this is black. Until now, I’ve seen only white people insisting that black women must cede control of their bodies over to what the white people order, while remaining stubbornly ignorant of the skeevy slaveowner overtones of that.

  • Joy

    Free birth control would reduce abortions….oh wait, birth control is evil too…

  • Saraquill

    If you care about the lives of black children, offer free healthcare, quality affordable education, and free daycare.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Me too, Double Dukes… another reason I had to use an Obama photo with a baby. You’d think if Voddie Baucham was that upset about racism he’d love or at least tolerate Obama

  • newcomer

    Abortion providers exist because there has always been a demand for their services, especially among impoverished people. An unwanted pregnancy when you are securely middle or upper class is a totally different animal than when you are working class or living below the poverty line, which a hugely disproportionate number of minority women are thanks to the systemic inequality still rampant in this country. Even beyond that, your basic access to safe, effective contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies to begin with is compromised by poverty. Sex education. Healthcare during pregnancy. Ability to financially provide for a child, or another child. Ability to take care of a child. Support from others. Safety. All factors. Abortion is the option that some people choose when none of the alternatives are good ones. A pregnancy can turn a precarious situation into an impossible one, let alone a child. Is it any wonder that abortion rates are higher among groups of people that society has already rendered vulnerable; given fewer options to begin with?

  • Allison the Great

    These are the people that don’t look into the “whys” and they don’t care about them either. What they care about is that they saved another fetus. The fetus is ALL they care about. Once the child is born, then it’s okay for the schools to throw away the kid’s lunch right in front of them if their mom owes only a few cents to the school cafeteria. When the child is born, it is perfectly okay to cut education. As far as these people are concerned, “what does this child need an education for anyway? they’ll end up a thug or a whore like their mother who should have kept her darn legs closed!” They have love for the zygote, sure, but there is nothing but hatred for the people that are already here. Once the child is born, they’re mentality is this “That woman had a kid she can’t afford and now she wants me to pay for derp derpa derp derp derp!?!? NO! I got mine, I earned it! Screw her! DERP!”

  • Catherine

    And these are all issues that need to be addressed if we truly do want to reduce the number of abortions that are performed every year.

    What is the primary reason women terminate pregnancies? Is it because they somehow ENJOY abortions? No. It’s typically due to financial reasons or because a child would cause too much interruption in their education/early career.

    Want to reduce abortions? Take away the need, not the availability. No one should have to choose between keeping a safe place to live and continuing a pregnancy, that’s just wrong.

  • Catherine

    Exactly. Improve the safety net and the abortions will decrease.

  • Independent Thinker

    Warning Personal Rant: I know where Voddie Bauchman lives because my husband works not too far from where the guy lives and I homeschooled my child in the same area so it’s no big secret what goes on with his organization. I also know Voddie Bauchman doesn’t have a church he uses someone else’s church for one service per week and calls it his church. Voddie Bauchman lives in an ivory tower in comparison to the surrounding area. I know where two Planned Parenthood locations are within ten miles of his home. Is he out trying to help those people or communities. Not at all. If you are going to complain about the problem be part of the solution. The Greenspoint area of Houston is comprised of mostly low educated minorities who have very little chance of advancing themselves in life. It’s not even 20 minutes from where Voddie lives. He is not involved in that community at all instead he preaches in a mostly white neighborhood in Spring, TX. If you care about the black community you might want to drive out of your posh neighborhood sometime and actually go visit it.

    You can even look at his church calendar. Nothing on the agenda that involves helping those struggling in impoverished areas of Houston is on the calendar at all.