Quoting Quiverfull: Half Mothering?

Quoting Quiverfull: Half Mothering? January 22, 2014

by Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies – Half Mothering or Full Mothering?

Christ, who lives in us is “prophet, priest, and king.” I believe that every father should be a prophet to his family, seeking God for His ways and speaking God’s counsel to His family. But, we as mothers also have a daily responsibility to speak the counsel of God to our children. Motherhood is even more than nurturing, feeding, and caring for our children. It is our God-given duty to feed their souls and spirits as well as their bodies. Even more so.

Let’s be mothers who earnestly seek God and His Word. And then with energy and authority we will daily speak God’s counsel to our children. WHAT A HIGH AND LOFTY CALLING! Don’t be content to only half-mother your children. You may be a wonderful nurturer of their physical bodies, but how much are you pouring into the feeding and strengthening of their souls and spirits?

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  • Nea

    Remember mothers… whatever you do and no matter how many you do it for, it’s not enough!

    Also, idolatry much? I guarantee you, penis does not equal prophet.

  • Trollface McGee

    So even in an area where this culture explicitly makes men responsible for the spirititual health of the family – she still finds a way to blame women. It’s such a weird world – where the people chosen to be leaders bear no responsibility, and the people chosen to followers bear all of it.

  • Lauren Borrero

    Half-Mothering? There is no half mothering just mothering.

  • Snackypoo

    I love it and see encouragement to focus in not just the physical things like but to be spiritually minded also. That is what differentiates a Christian parenting worldview from non-Christian. So she says “half mothering”… I’m sure she would agree that it is “half fathering” if a father does not seek The Lord either. We can ask The Lord for the gift of prophecy (male or female).