Quoting Quiverfull: Were We Even Watching the Same Program?

Quoting Quiverfull: Were We Even Watching the Same Program? January 28, 2014
This is the Macklemore performance she’s talking about. For more great Grammy photos be sure to check out Buzzfeed

by Laurie Higgins of Illinois Family Association, part of the American Family Association in an email that went out yesterday

This past Sunday night’s Grammy awards was a tragic freak show that demonstrated the entertainment industry’s arrogance, ignorance of marriage, and disregard for children. It was a gawdy (sic) spitball hurled in the all-seeing eye of a holy God.

The spectacle was bookended by a soft-core porn performance by the not-single lady Beyoncé who twerked and jerked her half-revealed derriere in a series of “dance” moves that simulated sex and stimulated sexual appetite, while the crowd cheered in puerile excitement.

Beyoncé was later joined by her husband Jay-Z who seems to revel in the lustings of strangers for his wife. What kind of man gets pleasure from his wife’s flaunting of her sexuality and from the certain knowledge that men desire to do things to his wife because of her arousing dress and actions? Is it money that motivates his eager embrace of his wife’s immodesty, or pride that he has access to her body when all other leering men do not? If it’s money, how is he different from a pimp?

Beyoncé’s performance reinforced the cultural deceit that modesty and the notion that conjugal love is private are archaic puritanical irrelevancies. Beyoncé has abused her power as a beloved role model for young girls to teach them terrible lessons about sexuality and marriage. Her performance raises many questions:

  • What motivates a young, married mother to flaunt her partially-exposed sexual anatomy to the world and simulate sex movements?
  • Deep down is this what she truly wants to do?
  • Deep down does she really want her husband to delight in the objectification and commodification of her body for the prurient pleasures of other men?
  • Would Jay-Z and Beyoncé want their daughter to one day perform like her mother for the pleasures of men? What would they think about an 18-year-old Blue Ivy recreating her mother’s performance but in a seedy club for the eyes of less expensively attired and botoxed men and women?
  • Is Beyoncé comfortable with her father watching her performance?
  • What kind of mixed message does this performance send to children? Parents and pediatricians tell children that parts of their bodies are “private parts” that only parents and doctors should look at or touch. We convey that message to them from the earliest prepubescent ages. So, what happens after sexual maturity? Do those “private parts” suddenly become public parts?
  • Is modesty in dress the same as prudery, or is it a virtue to be cultivated?

Beyoncé’s vulgar anti-woman, anti-marriage performance foreshadowed the climactic setpiece of the evening: Queen Latifah, long-rumored to be a lesbian, officiated at the “weddings” of 33 couples, many of whom were same-sex couples, while accompanied by the preachy, feckless song “Same Love” by Macklemore and the song “Open Your Heart” by the Dorian Gray-esque Madonna. It was a sorry, sick, non-serious ceremony that looked like something from the garish dystopian world of the Hunger Games, replete with a cheering sycophantic audience, faux-stained glass windows, a faux-choir, a homosexual faux-pastorette, and “Madonna” with her faux-face. It was a non-wedding festooned with all the indulgent gimcrackery of Satan’s most alluring playground: Hollywood.

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  • Allison the Great

    As much as I am all for gay couples having the right to get married, I don’t think they should have had a mass wedding at an awards ceremony. Now, I’m not as vile and hate filled as the bitch who wrote the post, but I do think that what happened was rather unnecessary. It seems as if they’re going out of their way to go over the top, and they’re fishing for negative reactions. Gay couples should absolutely be allowed to get married, and they should do it. Fuck what the crazy right wing fundamentalists think, they don’t get a say in what other people do with their lives and the right wing crazies should stop obsessing about it, nobody asked them. Still though, this? Unnecessary.

    As for the bitch that wrote the article, of course Hollywood and the music industry is going to be that way. It’s how they make money. She should stop being so shocked and offended by it. I find it funny and extremely troubling that these people that we read about all the time on this blog get so offended when they see someone who doesn’t believe like they do or they don’t live their lives the way the fundies think everyone should. They call it persecution and they get so mad about it, like by not living our lives the fundy way, this is negatively affecting people like the bitch who wrote this article personally. I mean, really? That’s so childish.

  • KarenH

    You’ll have to forgive her; it’s been really cold in Illinois this month and she’s just cranky.

    here’s a novel idea for all those Christians who are so offended by Hollywood and the people who populate it; stop watching awards shows that you know are likely to offend you. Dur.

  • Nea

    Why is it such a shocker that Beyoncé flaunted her ass but Taylor Swift’s skin-tight gown doesn’t get a mention? Why is clothing at the Grammy picked apart when Oscar gowns are even more shocking?

    These are rhetorical questions – I know what makes those women different, and it’s not their dress, just as the Oscars may have shocking dresses but have not yet held onstage weddings. But that’s not what the writer says, is it?

  • Saraquill

    This person is far too invested in staring at Beyonce and attacking her marriage. It comes across as the writer getting sexual gratification viewing the performer and not wanting to admit it, and ignoring the plank in hir eye.

  • Independent Thinker

    No offence to Beyoncé but I really don’t think her target market is young girls. If I were a betting woman I am pretty sure most of the people who attend her concerts are over the age of 18.

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    I am wondering why she watched the show in the first place. There was no Christian music, it was guaranteed to be chockablock filled with things people who love AFA would hate, and she wasn’t invested in any of the artists. Looking for something to complain about I guess.

  • Nightshade

    I didn’t pay a lot of attention to the publicity beforehand, but even I saw mention of the wedding plans…well publicized, right? Anyone tuning in should have had a fairly good idea what they would be seeing? And the kind of performance one would expect from Beyonce is pretty well known-no insult to her intended at all, simply acknowledging the fact. So how could anyone truly be shocked? And why watch a ‘tragic freak show,’ then bitch about it?

  • Em

    I like how she calls Macklemore “preachy” like it’s a huge problem, but her whole rant is somehow………not preachy?

  • Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer

    Lolly, why watch on television when you can watch the recaps minutes after they happened online without having to watch commercials and extraneous bits?

  • texcee

    “What went ye out into the wilderness to see? A man clothed in fine raiment?” In other words, when you turned on the Grammy Awards and sat all the way through it, what did you expect to see? Billy Graham preaching a sermon? If it offended you — CHANGE THE CHANNEL!

  • LOL!!! Yes it has been hella cold in Illinois this month.

  • It’s only “preachy” and “sanctimonious” (my personal favorite) when it doesn’t agree with them.

    In a moment of weakness not long ago, frustrated by the way logic isn’t well received on a particular conservative blog (*cough* mattwalsh *cough) I wrote with the same arrogant tone as everyone around me. I was accused of being sanctimonious. Made me smile.

    🙂 <—- see? Like that.

  • Look, I think Beyonce is one of the most overrated pieces of (insert derogatory noun here) that passes for art / music nowadays, but Ms. Higgins needs to get ahold of herself. There is nothing all that exciting about Beyonce; nothing different from the way any other female artist sings / dances.

  • JenL

    Um, I don’t understand which piece of Beyonce’s “sexual anatomy” was
    “partially-exposed”. She had the naughty bits covered. Unless they
    think a one-piece swimsuit exposes sexual anatomy? In which case, maybe
    they should attend one of those sex ed classes they don’t want their
    kids exposed to.

  • lodrelhai

    Her butt cheeks were exposed. Though why the author thinks that is sexual anatomy is beyond me. Don’t they think sodomy is evil?

  • lodrelhai

    Most disturbing part of this? How much of the author’s rant against Beyonce is about the men in her life – why her husband allows it, what her father would think.