Quoting Quiverfull: What Does Mary Pride Believe In Besides Homeschooling?

Quoting Quiverfull: What Does Mary Pride Believe In Besides Homeschooling? January 18, 2014

by Mary Pride from her Facebook page

Luke 6:45 for of the abundance of his heart his mouth speaketh.

New data on the connection between abortion and breast cancer:
“A powerful new study from China … a meta-analysis pooling 36 studies from 14 provinces in China, showed that abortion increased the risk of breast cancer by 44% with one abortion, and 76% and 89% with two and three abortions.

This new article is another example of the recent excellent scholarship on abortion in peer-reviewed journals coming out of the People’s Republic. There is no bigger data base than China, where there are an average of 8.2 million pregnancy terminations every year, and 40 abortions for every 100 live births. Chinese researchers and physicians are unencumbered by abortion politics, and do not cover up data showing long term effects of induced abortion, as do their US counterparts in governmental, professional and consumer organizations.” – Abortion Breast Cancer Link



This is so wrong and sad. – Federal judge declares Utah’s polygamy law unconstitutional 




From Kate Wilson via Shawn Siegel:
Note that the vaccine described below was administered in the Philippines to women between the ages of 15 and 45 only:

In 1995 the BBC aired an investigative documentary verified by the Philippine Department of Health and the Philippine Medical Association that tetanus vaccines from the WHO were combined with a chemical known as beta Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin, an anti-pregnancy agent.

The BBC Horizon program entitled “The Human Laboratory”, which was never aired in the United States, noted that Philippino women of child-bearing age were administered the tainted vaccine and many miscarriages ensued. Dr. Reynaldo Echavez of the Philippine Medical Association stated that the presence of the HCG in the tetanus shot would cause the women to develop HCG antibodies, which will then cause spontaneous abortion if the women become pregnant.

So while we bicker about the threat of measles, this is the reality – but ya’ll can handle the truth.

It ain’t just about the money.

There’s much more information available – ThinkTwice has a full article on the subject, at the first link below, and Christina England covered the issue today, with a broader discussion, at the second link. Check out some of the titles referenced in the ThinkTwice article:

“Clinical profile and Toxicology Studies on Four Women Immunized with Pr-B-hCG-TT,” Contraception, February, 1976, pp. 253-268.

“Observations on the antigenicity and clinical effects of a candidate antipregnancy vaccine: B-subunit of human chorionic gonadotropin linked to tetanus toxoid,” Fertility and Sterility, October 1980, pp. 328-335.

“Phase 1 Clinical Trials of a World Health Organisation Birth Control Vaccine,” The Lancet, 11 June 1988, pp. 1295-1298. “Vaccines for Fertility Regulation,” Chapter 11, pp. 177-198, Research in Human Reproduction, Biennial Report (1986-1987), WHO Special Programme of Research, Development and Research Training in Human Reproduction (WHO, Geneva 1988).

“Anti-hCG Vaccines are in Clinical Trials,” Scandinavian Journal of Immunology, Vol. 36, 1992, pp. 123-126.

Tetanus Vaccines, Spontaneous Abortion & Population Control




One boy beaten. The other one starved to death. Social workers refused to intervene. This happens SO OFTEN – they ignore the homes where abuse is really taking place. The sister was threatened with being prosecuted for kidnapping if she saved her brothers. – Justice For Quinten





A surprising benefit of growing up in a large family . . .
Divorce chances go down as number of siblings goes up, study shows
Having a “quiver full” of children reduces your children’s likehood of experiencing divorce when they grow up. According to a
(Editorial Note  – This article was on our old friend Vaughn Ohlman’s site Persevero News, which is now gone)

Horrifying. I’ve read the bill – they call it a “named person” rather than a “state guardian,” but it amounts to the same thing. An employee of a “service provider” looking over your shoulder with the ability to impose a “plan” or “intervention” on your child if in his opinion the child has a “wellbeing need.” I’m quoting the bill. – Scotland: Every Child to Have “State Guardian” From Birth


Brendan O’Neill (who has been dubbed a “Marxist proletariat firebrand”), warns that homosexual marriage is being imposed top down by the elites. He’s worried that it is destroying democracy:
“Anyone who values diversity of thought and tolerance of dissent should find the sweeping consensus on gay marriage terrifying….

It’s better described as conformism, the slow but sure sacrifice of critical thinking and dissenting opinion under pressure to accept that which has been defined as a good by the upper echelons of society: gay marriage. [It provides] a searing insight into how soft authoritarianism and peer pressure are applied in the modern age to sideline and eventually do away with any view considered overly judgmental, outdated, discriminatory, ‘phobic’, or otherwise beyond the pale….

For all the comparisons of the gay-marriage movement to the civil-rights movement, in fact the most striking thing about gay marriage is its origins among the elite. As Caldwell says, ‘never since the Progressive Era has there been a social movement as elite-driven as the one for gay marriage’. In his new book, Michael Klarman describes how judges, not streetfighthers (sic), spearheaded the gay-marriage campaign; he even bizarrely calls judges a ‘distinctive subculture’ of the cultural elite, which ‘tends to be even more liberal than the general public on issues such as gender equality and gay equality’. Another favourable  (sic) account of the rise of gay marriage notes how it was led by ‘lawyers and professors’… Gay Marriage: A case study in comformism


This brings a whole new meaning to Baby Wars: “We will use our women to produce more babies who will in turn be used as armor/shield. Our babies are the gift from Allah for Jihad. . . . [The] West manufactures their tanks in the factory. We will manufacture our military force by natural means, by producing more babies. That is the way it is cheaper.” – A warning from a former Muslim

(Editorial Note: You will notice as you scroll through Mary Pride’s Facebook page that she has a number of anti-Muslim/Arabic articles posted)


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  • Sande Ard

    Wow. A lot to take in this early. Need more coffee to properly process it. What must it be like to spend one’s days knee deep in paranoia-inducing propaganda? The photo of her. Don’t really like to comment on another person’s looks, as mine are no prize, but deranged is a word that comes to mind.

  • Trollface McGee

    Some thoughts…
    Abortion & BC link…thoroughly debunked, same for the vaccine stuff… this woman has a high IQ and great education eh?
    The Utah law didn’t make polygamy legal, it declared that a ban having more than two unmarried people together is unconstitutional, which it is.
    Of course people with a boat-load of kids are less likely to divorce. The more kids, the harder it is financially, legally etc. That doesn’t make a marriage any more happy or stable.
    Yes… people disagreeing with you… terrifying! Marxist-liberal-progressive-nazi-muslim-hindu-yoga-pant elites… run! run for your lives! Someone has a different opinion.
    And as I’ve said in the past and will continue to say, fighting a war by “outbreeding” the enemy is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of.

  • Saraquill

    “And as I’ve said in the past and will continue to say, fighting a war by ‘outbreeding’ the enemy is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard

    I was giving this some thought last night. Since many QFers believe that only the husband should bring in an income, and the quality control of the children’s education is spotty, it leads to hungry people in the short and long term. Furthermore, a lot of these ideologies depend on a cult of personality like with Gothard and Michael Pearl, raising the question of what will happen to their followers after they die.

    Then there are the times when the QF lifestyle implodes. Some are able to leave, which is good, but there are also the the high profile deaths to think about. It’s clear in my head that this lifestyle isn’t sustainable, but I don’t know how many implosions it’ll take before the majority of these people catch on.

  • Fledgeling Feminist

    so is that last anti-Muslim quote to illustrate that its bad to birth children for the purpose of religious war, or just to remind quiverfull parents to hurry and keep up with “the other side”?

  • Trollface McGee

    Yeah I remember… it was Debi Pearl or someone who said she fed her kids dog food when money got tight?
    I really hope it dies, I’m all about adults living how they want but this does awful things to the kids involved, and with large families like that, that’s a lot of kids growing up messed up.

  • Nea

    I haven’t read all of those quotes because I could feel brain cells dying. The two things that jumped out at me were:

    1) A country with a mandatory one-child policy doesn’t have abortion politics?
    2) Quiverfull directly says that they’ll outbreed everyone else and it’s Godly; anyone else says that and it’s creepy.

  • Independent Thinker

    It was Rebekah Pearl Anast, Debi’s daughter. It was posted on the 7x Sunday Website under a thread called How is Becca? “When my family first moved near the Amish community in TN, I was 14 years old. The first winter we had cabbage, wheat, raw milk, and canned cat food or poor quality tuna (the cans were missing labels when we bought them and we couldn’t tell for sure if it was cat food or tuna.)”

  • Catherine

    I also can’t help but wonder what overall cancer rates are like in China compared to the U.S.

  • Nea

    That information is probably out there somewhere. But even then, the idea that Chinese cancer rates have anything to do with Chinese abortion rates and *not* Chinese air pollution or diet or stress or availability of medical care, or…

  • Trollface McGee

    Thank you – and that’s horrific that one would think that’s ok to feed a cat much less a child.

  • aim2misbehave

    Do you have more links for the vaccine stuff being disproven? On one hand with the nasty history that humans when racism meets medical experimentation or population control, it’s totally believable, but on the other hand I can’t find anything reliable one way or the other online.

  • Katharina Bucher

    I highly doubt exposure to Beta HCG causes miscarriage – it’s the same chemical that’s released when a foetus implants into the uterine wall. If that were true, it would be impossible for women to have repeat pregnancies.

  • tulips

    The kindly neighbor who dropped off hog feed corn should have dropped a line to child services as well.

  • Trollface McGee

    I’m not a vaccine expert and the tetanus shot containing some sort of anti-pregnancy vaccine added in is something I’ve never heard before (and I’ve heard a lot of vaccine conspiracy theories)
    -http://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/adults/rec-vac/pregnant/whooping-cough/safety-side-effects.html from the CDC on tetanus safety in pregnancy is all I could find. Perhaps someone might have more to add, I’m rather curious now myself.

    I know the long, and horrible history of human experimentation but the effectiveness of vaccines has also made us forget about how horrible some diseases actually are – and tetanus is pretty devastating.

  • Nea

    My aunt had viral meningitis and was permanently brain-damaged by it.

  • Catherine

    That’s exactly what I was thinking. There’s a photo going around of air pollution so thick that officials are showing a video projection of a sunset because the actual one can’t be seen.

    Don’t know if it’s an urban legend or not but it wouldn’t surprise me if it were real.

  • gimpi1

    My mother was a polio-survivor. She lost the use of her legs at the age of three. I remember my grandmother telling me how terrifying every spring was, waiting for your child to get a cold, then watching them, afraid every cough and sniffle was a precursor to polio. We have no idea how much better it is now.

  • Astrin Ymris

    Re: “…fighting a war by “outbreeding” the enemy is one of the stupidest things I’ve ever heard of…”

    True. A few men armed with guns and knives don’t fare well going up against tanks. And if a tank is destroyed, new ones can be manufactured far more quickly than “producing babies”, even without considering how long it would take for the babies to grow up enough to be sent out inadequately-armed against more tanks… 🙁

    My personal solution to Islamist nations: Set up WiFi coverage over them and drop iPods all over them. Religious brainwashing can’t stand against the free discussion of ideas. Why else would Dominionists be so against sending their kids to public school, or getting a college education?

    BTW, please consider signing this petition to restore Net Neutrality rules, to help ensure that the internet STAYS free, and corporations can’t censor ideas that don’t advance their earnings goals.