Quoting Quiverfull: Who’s Afraid of a Few Women & Trolls While Supporting Duck Dynasty?

Quoting Quiverfull: Who’s Afraid of a Few Women & Trolls While Supporting Duck Dynasty? January 12, 2014

By Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio – The Most Famous Family Economy in America

Phil Robertson stepped in the deep doodoo, when he took on the holiest of holies, the sacredest of the sacred cows of the apostate, w.a.s.p.y world .. . homosexuality.  Welcome to our club, Phil.  The metro-sexual meets the “bitter clingers,” and the explosions are interesting to watch.

But what we really like about Phil and the Ducks are the family relationships, the generational continuity, and the family economy. There is something that will remain of the old order.  There is something healthy still hanging around in this country and other countries around the globe.  Healthy Family Economies!

That’s why we have invited Phil Robertson of the Duck Dynasty fame to speak at our Denver Family Economics Conference.   The Duck Dynasty reality program has taken the concept of the Multi-Generational Family Economy to a broad, popular audience.

(Editorial Note: About a month ago Mr. Swanson attacked Kathryn Joyce and many of our friends here at NLQ as well as posted about ‘silly women’ and ‘internet trolls’. We posted a response to him and now when you go to his site and click on “Blog” there is no blog, only ads for Swanson’s books and products. The blog is still there if you follow the old links in but accessible from nowhere on his own site. Gee, I have to wonder why, scared of a few ‘silly women’ perhaps?)

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