ATI’s Bill Gothard Sexually Harrassed ATI Workers?

ATI’s Bill Gothard Sexually Harrassed ATI Workers? February 4, 2014

by Calulu

For the past few days I’ve been reading through the accounts by ladies who’d worked with Bill Gothard, ATI’s founder and venerated head, over at Recovered Grace. They all give very similar versions of their time with Bill, being inappropriately touched, and treated with a creepy flirtatiousness.

Gothard openly brags about his virginity and the fact he’s never kissed a woman romantically. Yes, he might be an unkissed virginal older man but he does seem to show a penchant for playing footsy with his young lady targets. Clearly inappropriate given the relative age difference and the relationship of boss to underling. Against the law in most places.

Recovering Grace Correspondence with Bill Gothard

Recovering Grace – The Gothard Files: A Case for Disqualification

The stories of the ladies who experienced sexual harassment

Lizzie’s Story

Annette’s Story

Grace’s Story

Meg’s Story

My question is do you think Bill Gothard needs to publicly admit and atone for his behavior? What needs to happen next?

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